Black Friday 2021: dates, best offers and promotions

Are you waiting for Black Friday 2021 deals? Here are the dates so you know exactly when it starts, how long it lasts, how it works, and where to find the best deals and promotions on the net.

The Black Friday 2021 It is approaching and this means that many consumers are eager to take advantage of offers and promotions to be able to buy the product they are looking for at the best price. But when exactly is Black Friday this year? Where can we find the best discounts?

When will be Black Friday in 2021?

The Black Friday It is not an exact date, as it is the Friday immediately following US Thanksgiving Day. In the United States, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, so BF is placed on the fourth Friday of the same month.

Speaking of Black Friday 2021, the date falls on the day November 26 But, as usual, promotional activities will start a few days in advance and will not end until after the weekend.

When do the black friday discounts start?

While it is true that day Black Friday 2021 It’s November 26th, and deals from Amazon and other chains usually start early, and like every year, the discounts will last more than 24 hours. For accurate information on the availability of discounts, we will have to wait for official communications from Amazon.

Moreover, we must remember that it is not only Black Friday that interests us most: the following Monday, as usual, is Internet Mon: The date to be marked on the calendar this year is November 29, 2021.

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We will not fail to notify you when more information is available, so you can prepare in advance for this year’s sales.

Where will we find the best Black Friday 2021 deals?

Only time will be able to tell us exactly which chains will be able to offer the best discounts, but for sure it will be one of the most popular platforms Amazon. However, we must not forget that GameStop, Euronics, Unieuro and Mediaworld will not only offer their discounts, so it will be worth paying attention to the best offers on various flyers.

Black Friday on Amazon

How to prepare for Black Friday 2021

The periodo del black friday They tend to be longer than a day, as we’ve said, and buyers will be able to make their purchases without being too hasty, but as always, the law of the fastest is in effect.

Amazon, for example, often delivers Lightning Offers And we believe that they will not miss until Black Friday 2021. In general, stocks can be easily snapped up, so it is advisable not to wait too long before making your purchases, especially in the technological field, affected by a serious shortage of components, such as console and computers, which he knows very well.

There is a little though Ways to make your life easier And find the best discounts on time:

  • Newsletters: Various chains provide email newsletters to inform about their publications and potential upcoming or ongoing offers; Even if someone does not like having several advertising emails in your inbox, it can be an advantage for this period; You can also cancel your free subscription at any time after the purchase period
  • Log in first: Digital stores are not much different from physical stores; Even if this is not the case, the queues are also online and the servers are filled with people like points of sale; In other words, you should access the e-commerce site of your choice before the discounts start, in order to reduce the risk of slowing down the loading of the e-commerce homepage
  • Save this article as a favorite: In this article we will collect the best Black Friday deals 2021; You can then find all the offers that we are going to suggest on this page, for maximum convenience
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Finally, we remind you to do the best you can Beware of scams: If you decide to buy from sites you’ve never used, verify that they are legitimate. Do an online search, and ask friends and family if they have shopped through that portal. Even if you shop privately, there may be some scams involved: Amazon and other chains are always the safest options!

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