ATP Vienna: Matteo Berrettini’s heart is not enough: the great Carlos Alcaraz flies to the semi-finals

Carlos Alcaraz is the name of the first ATP 500 semi-finalist in Vienna. The Spanish tennis player, after more than two and a half hours of fighting, outplayed Berrettini 6-1, 6-7 (2), 7-6 (5). Few mistakes are too many for Mathieu, who arrogantly returned after his first set in a slumber, and controlled the Spaniard’s wrath. But in the end, the details smiled at the teenager.

Alcaraz reaches its first semi-final in the ATP 500 (Tennis TV)

ATP, Vienna

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It was a 150 minute and so funny Carlos Alcaraz and Matteo Berrettini made us feel it.

The first group, which finished 6-1, was all Spanish. A ferocity and ferocity worthy of the best predators, clearly mixed with a chess player, strangled the 18-year-old from El Palmar Brittini and forced him to spend 20 minutes (this is the duration of the group) as a sparring partner.

But then, slowly, Matteo decided to get into the game. By refueling slowly, like a gasoline truck, the Roman arranged his dispatches in order – increasing the number of aces and winning the boot – and using Alcaraz’s power to his advantage. With a few extra cuts and some defensive cleverness, No. 7 in the standings saved four break points and brought the competition into the tiebreak. There, with all the pressure on him, he expertly played and drew the match.

In the last set, with inertia clearly going from Spain to Italy, Alcaraz put on a sudden break, only to get lost in a glass of water and give a counter-fracture to Matteo. The new parity was found (4-4), four matches from the end of the match, fencers accompanied the competition until the second half of the day. Berrettini played well, but the Spaniard took the first half at the opening and kept it until the final whistle.

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Overall it was a good match for Mathieu, who played on par with a man in better shape than him. The only regret is that first set: With a more interactive approach, you could have ended differently.

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ATP, Vienna

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