Billing, towards maximum increases with the Nord Stream accident and new tariffs. Ricci (Arera), “never seen before” prices are coming

Billing, towards maximum increases with the Nord Stream accident and new tariffs.  Ricci (Arera), “never seen before” prices are coming

The fact that we are headed in the direction of a strong billing rise is a constant fact. At this time, Arera, the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority, is expected to notify changes in the electricity price for the protected market (for Gas According to the new calculation methods, we will have to wait early November). President Stefano Besegini predicted, “We will meet with a very relevant variety of consumers, who are part of a contrast relevant to the whole system”, Speaking at the Italian Energy Summit Organized by Sole 24 ore. But how much will your bills actually increase?

Billing: Ritchie (Arrera), “Never before” prices are coming

Massimo Ricci, director of Arrera’s energy division, Massimo Ricci, confirmed that “unprecedented prices” are on the way for Italian electricity bills, in light of the updated electricity price for the protected market, which will be announced in the afternoon. by ‘power’. “Regardless of the percentage increase, it is a percentage that is applied to already high prices, so we are reaching prices we have not seen before,” explains Ricci, speaking at the Italian Energy Summit at Sole 24 Ore, stressing how “the upcoming prices will unfortunately remind us that we We are still living in an emergency phase.”

Billing: Numisma Energia, 60% increased risk of exposure to light

While you wait for Arera’s quarterly update (on your electric bills, and therefore, not gas), some estimates are available, which allow you to get an idea of ​​how far the price increases are ahead. according to Nomisma EnergyIn the next quarter, electricity bills could rise by about 60%, with a new rise in the price of electricity 66.6 cents per kilowatt-hour, 25 cents more than the previous quarter. President Davide Taparelli stressed that in the absence of government intervention, the potential increase in electricity bills on the first of next October will be close to double, in addition to 100%. But even taking into account the hypothesis of a 60% increase, the change will still have a strong impact on the family budget.

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Al-Tabrili: For gas, expectations will rise by 70%.

“After two quarters in which the bills remained static thanks to strong government interventions – as Taparelli recalls – Arrera has been forced to review them higher since October, at least for electricity. For gas, it is necessary to wait until the end of October, because with the new mechanism approved On them last summer, changes will be monthly and will be determined by actual prices for the month ending.” Based on prices now prevailing on the PSV spot market (virtual trading point, practically the Italian wholesale market), significantly lower than the Amsterdam TTF,” assuming these prices are stable throughout October , we will have a 70% change in – gas tariff per person protected 210 cents per cubic metre. It will be an extraordinarily high value compared to the 70-80 cents on which tariffs have fluctuated for years – concluded Taparelli – but 50% lower than the values ​​that would have occurred if the update with prices had been made at the end of August.”

Forecasts of consumer associations for electricity and gas

Consumer associations provide other indicators. In this case, the scenarios relate to the electricity and gas sectors. Assoutenti Recall that in the first nine months of 2022, the gas bill reached 1,516 euros per household, + 93% in 2020, and now the new “inevitable increases” will follow each other until December. In general, the Consumers Association continues to point out that the accident that hit two Nord Stream lines in the Baltic Sea, the new calculation method Arrera has chosen to update tariffs and the lack of gas availability in Italy for the winter season, are likely to drive up Italians’ bills, with inevitable new increases that will follow. each other until December. Not-for-profit consumer It fears “massive increases” in electricity and gas prices in the final months of 2022.

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