‘Big Brother Vape’, tears are flowing at home

‘Big Brother Vape’, tears are flowing at home

The causes of Vippos’ sadness are different.


For example, as he packs her purse and arranges her clothes, she cries as she stares at the wardrobe with a regretful, almost suspicious look. Lamborghini genevra launch He created a void that is difficult to fill. carries emotion

Antonino Spinalbes

But for him, Geneva’s farewell is a huge blow. A special complicity arose between the two and Antonino Lamborghini was the best friend. But who has reasons to be sad too


. The girl was among the most involved in the story that witnessed the protagonist

Marco Bellavia

, being one of the few who stayed close to him and tried to help him. During the episode, Fiordelisi violently clashed especially with


Swinging of emotions leads to a nervous breakdown in the subsequent episode. The girl spends a large part of the night cuddling


Who tries to console her with a gentle massage and caress.

However, the next morning, it seemed that others were in trouble. especially


He wakes up with a strong feeling of gloom and not even physical training can make him resume. He threw himself on the ground and burst into tears.


He who examines him from afar approaches him to comfort him, but he prefers to do so discreetly, remaining near him in silence. On the other hand also to


Awakening, it seems, was not particularly easy, and he, too, looking up at the sky and his lost sight in the void, leaves himself out of emotions and moves with his adventurous companion.

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