Big Brother October 30, nominees and eliminated. A storm between Beatrice Luzzi and Alex Schwatzer

Big Brother October 30, nominees and eliminated.  A storm between Beatrice Luzzi and Alex Schwatzer

In the Monday, October 30th episode of Big Brother Amid the controversies – just think of the ones that have been going on for a few days Beatrice Luzzi and Alex Schweitzer Which Walker saw himself giving in to his request to be able to see photos of the episode in which the actress claimed she found the athlete fascinating – there was the elimination of the competitor and the nominations.

The candidates from the previous episode were in danger of being eliminated: Massimiliano Varese, Valentina Modeni, Beatrice Luzzi, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Grecia Colmenares. The public chose not to save Mrs. Pheasant Valentina Modini. Which, after emerging unscathed from so many nominations, was now forced to give up.

Then there is room for new nominations. It was a favorite in the house Anita Ulivieri, Ciro Petrone, Angelica Baraldi, Paolo Masella, Giampiero Mogini. It was the immunological one issued by Cesara Bonamisi Greece Colmenares and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Nominations here thrive Disagreements: Beatrice Luzzi votes for Alex Schwazer, accusing him of defamation, and we start again discussing the episode they’ve been talking about for at least three episodes. That is, the fact of the actress’s alleged attraction to the protester and the lack of video proving this. The nominees at the end of the episode are Beatrice Luzzi, who continues to be poorly tolerated by almost all of the reality show’s contestants and who has collected eight nominations, Fiordaliso, Giselda Torresan and Alex Schwazer.

At the end of the telecast, the contestant with the fewest votes will be the contestant The first candidate for elimination. So the Thursday, November 2 episode, like almost every Thursday, will not feature elimination from the game.

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