Olbia returns to the scientific publishing event “Science in the Arena”.

Olbia returns to the scientific publishing event “Science in the Arena”.

Experiments, laboratories, conferences and recreational entertainment experiences are back Science in the arena, an event organized by the Friends of the Simpliciana Library and the Olbia Department of Mathesis, and sponsored by the municipality. Now in its third edition, Scientific publishing event Intended for students and families, it brings the world of science to the Archaeological Museum on October 19 and 20.

From artificial intelligence applied to medicine to neuroscience, and from robotics to mathematics that makes music: Three hundred students from the schools of Olbia, Tempio, Calangianos, Arzacena, La Maddalena and Sassari will serve as mentors. Visitors are on a journey to discover the curiosities of scientific disciplines by sharing projects created in the classroom. “A project that we are moving forward with with all conviction, because in addition to being an opportunity to publish a topic that is still largely unknown, it is Children have a moment of sharing knowledge, time and experiences and also an opportunity for mentoring training», said Culture Advisor, Sabrina Serra, introducing the initiative.

“This event has many tasks, in addition to the goal of involving many schools in Northern Sardinia, as well as contributing to enriching the scientific capital of all citizens, which each of us must possess to understand the world around us,” he added. Event organizer Antonetta Carbone.

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