Big Brother, do you remember Michael Bertie? Here’s how it fell after disappearance

Big Brother, do you remember Michael Bertie?  Here’s how it fell after disappearance

Maicol Berti was one of the heroes of the tenth edition of Big brother. We haven’t seen him on TV in years: at the bottom there is a picture that shows today how he looks and what he does. Many personalities have become famous thanks to the reality show of Channel 5. Some of them continue their careers in the world of entertainment, while others prefer to devote themselves to something else and leave their TV experiences behind. Tomorrow, Monday, March 14th, is final Big brother In the “Vip” version, where the audience can see what celebrities are doing inside the Cinecittà house, and get to know better the private sphere of the celebrities who participate in the game as competitors. But reality shows were born to bring out completely unknown faces to the public. A social experiment that made celebrities like Luca Argentero and Eleonora Daniele, to name a few. One of the most popular releases of . will surely be remembered by the audience GF on TV. This is the tenth edition, which witnessed the victory of Mauro Marin, who has gone through a difficult stage in recent years. The same edition was also attended by Michael Bertie, one of the protagonists of that edition who took advantage of himself. Here’s what it looks like today and what it does.

Maicol Berti is undoubtedly one of those faces that have never been forgotten since the start of the reality show Canale 5. A wonderful, theatrical and very kind personality, able to attract the attention of the audience and competitors of the House of Cinecittà. His relationship with the winner of that edition was never idyllic. The two characters were too different to get along, which caused a lot of conflict throughout the show. But if the relationship with Marine was not good, then the same cannot be said about another competitor. Maicol developed a special and strong relationship with Giorgio Ronchini. The strong and important friendship continued throughout the race, to the point that many thought there could be something between the two beyond simple friendship, but then it wasn’t the case. Having reached the final of the tenth edition, and after walking out the famous red door, Bertie’s TV presenters were somewhat in short supply, until the former Givino stopped appearing on the small screen. But even if he no longer participates in TV salons, the same cannot be said on social media.

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Maicol’s appearance today has completely changed, he no longer has long hair. In the photo above, you can see a face and a look that seems to have changed a lot compared to the past: Maicol now shows himself with short hair and a beard. Maicol is today by profession an influencer and has around 39,500 followers on his social profiles, where he shares many photos from his daily life. In this way, the ex-Givino was able to keep in touch with the people who followed his events at home. Who knows if he will return to the loft that brought him so much popularity, perhaps this time he will participate in the “Vip” version of the most popular reality show of all time.

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