Biden will order the construction of a port in Gaza to provide aid

Biden will order the construction of a port in Gaza to provide aid

US President Joe Biden will order his armed forces to build a temporary port off the coast of Gaza in the coming weeks to allow the delivery of large-scale humanitarian aid, US administration sources said.

The United States will work with several countries in the region to build the port and a temporary dock, a task described as an “emergency mission” that will take several weeks. It is not planned that the deployment of American forces on the ground will be necessary, but thousands of soldiers will work on this from ships.

Plans are being made to later establish a sea corridor from Cyprus, where Israel will control the security of shipments, along with regional countries and trading partners. Once these plans are finalized and coordinated, it is estimated that it will take between 45 days and two months to begin regular delivery of aid to the Strip. Negotiations with Israel to form a security and crowd control mission to ensure an orderly delivery remain open, and in principle, according to American sources, aid will be distributed inside Gaza by personnel from the United Nations and humanitarian organizations.

This announcement comes as the US President faces increasing criticism and pressure in his country to maintain his steadfast support for the Netanyahu government in the aggressive war it responded to the October 7 attacks by Hamas, which caused a serious and tragic humanitarian crisis.

In the primaries, protest against the Democratic position became evident in the strong votes for punishment in the states of Michigan, Minnesota, or Alaska. Discontent is spreading among progressives, young people and minority voters, fracturing the coalition that swept Biden to the White House in 2020 and that he needs to beat Donald Trump in November.

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Despite the White House's consistent military support for Israel, there is also growing frustration with the Netanyahu government and its more effective blockade of ground aid.

30,800 Palestinian dead

Negotiations in Cairo between Israel and Hamas began to collapse. The Hamas delegation left the Egyptian capital yesterday, accusing Israel of “thwarting” efforts to reach an agreement mediated by Qatar and Egypt, in the words of its representative, Sami Abu Zuhri. The Israelis have not participated in the dialogue over the past four days because they say Hamas has refused to provide a list of names of living hostages. Although the talks in Cairo are “on the verge of collapse,” according to Hamas, the death toll in the Gaza Strip exceeds 30,800 Palestinians at the end of five months of war.

US Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew said at a conference in Tel Aviv: “There are still back-and-forth talks and ongoing talks, and the differences are narrowing.”

A source close to the negotiations told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the possibility of high-ranking members of Hamas and the heads of the intelligence services participating in the talks not being ruled out could arrive in Cairo on Sunday in an attempt to “reach an agreement.” On the verge of death.

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