Biden is on the ground to defend his economic reforms

(Washington) Joe Biden promised to meet with Americans on Saturday to defend his economic reforms, saying there was “nothing serious” in mobilizing the elected centralists in his Democratic camp to prevent their adoption.

As of Friday, during a rare visit to the U.S. Congress that postponed indefinitely any vote on its two major investment plans, the U.S. president expressed unwavering confidence.

“I think I can do it,” he told reporters as he left the White House for Delaware over the weekend. He added that he would “work hard” to adopt both texts.

President Biden announced early next week that he would go “nationwide” to “explain why this is so important.”

His spokesman, Jen Zhaki, said he would “continue to speak closely” with lawmakers over the weekend.

There is nothing serious in these bills.

Joe Biden

Democrats, who benefit only from a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and Senate, must agree to a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure investment plan backed by some Republicans and to replace the welfare state with an initially fixed amount. $ 3.5 trillion.

A final referendum was scheduled this week on the infrastructure elements, but elected officials from the left threatened to oppose it as there was no guarantee that the community would also win.

However, a few centrist Democrats do not want to hear about the plan, which they consider to be over-funded by tax hikes on the rich and multinational corporations.

By agreeing to postpone the referendum on infrastructure, Joe Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress have delivered a key demand from the left, which wants the fate of both factions to be merged.

Photo j. Scott Applewhite, attached pressure

Joe Biden speaks with House House Democrat Nancy Pelosi during a visit to Capitol Hill on Friday.

The president admitted Saturday that there were no “votes” to send one speech independently of another.

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He did not set a new deadline for adopting them in parallel. On Friday he scored that they would come “occasionally”, “in six minutes, six days or six weeks”.

These talks are even more urgent regarding raising the debt ceiling – the budget has long been considered a practical technology but is now mired in divisive divisions.

If this ceiling is not raised or suspended by October 18, there will be an unprecedented situation with unintended consequences if the US fails to pay in the markets.

“I hope Republicans will not be irresponsible, they refuse to raise the debt ceiling” or use the blocking minority, the U.S. president said Saturday.

“This is completely unacceptable and it never happened,” he warned.

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