+ 51% of US sales – Rizo Italiano

During the period from November 26 to December 2, 2021 For sale in the United States (Activated Baseline) reached 48,800 tons, which in 201521 increased by 51% compared to the previous week, but decreased by 22% compared to the previous 4 week average. The weekly report The Rise confirms this Godrej. The main buyers are Honduras (18,500 tons), Guatemala (13,100 tons), Jordan (4,100 tons), Taiwan (3,000 tons), and Canada (2,400 tons). Exports, equivalent to 60,100 tonnes, were down 42% compared to the previous week and 21% compared to the previous 4-week average. Targets: Guatemala (14,400 tons), Japan (13,000 tons), El Salvador (12,400 tons), Haiti (12,400 tons) and Canada (2,600 tons). The last Calrose Mg Wr 4% sale to Japan dated December 3, 2021, closed at $ 1150 per tonne of FOB container in containers. Fob prices reach $ 1190 per tonne. Another tender for Japan on December 21, 2021. Farmers have asked the US Department of Justice to investigate the rise in fertilizer prices.

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