Because now we have the best extra virgin olive oil in space

Because now we have the best extra virgin olive oil in space

Our olive oil is in orbit, as part of an experiment aimed at analyzing the effects of space travel on the quality of food products

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the advantages Made in italy The most famous and appreciated in the world. And now it has also crossed the borders of our planet to end up…in space!

In fact, some samples of Italian extra virgin olive oil have arrived at the International Space Station as part of an ambitious project aimed at studying the effects of staying in space on this product – from the point of view of its chemical, physical, sensory and nutritional properties..

The oil samples “on mission” will be returned to Earth after 6, 12 and 18 months, respectively, for analysis and comparison with other control samples remaining on Earth. In particular, the experiment aims to investigate how the composition of secondary metabolites – phenols and tocopherols (vitamin E) – is affected by microgravity and radiation in space.

Observed results center Create Cultivation of olives Cultivation of fruits and citrus fruitsBased in Rende (Calabria), it will be useful for gathering new information on the stability and shelf life of EVO oil in spatio-environmental conditions, but also on the effect of containers used on board the International Space Station on products.

The olive oils brought into orbit join the four selected oils that are part of extra food Chosen by the European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and other members of the expedition crew Minerva Currently active in space.

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These are high-quality products, coming from different Italian regions, combined with a high content of antioxidants (in particular, phenols from the olive tree) necessary for astronauts – who throughout the mission were subjected to conditions of severe physical and mental stress.

Our country is proud of having a The world’s priority for agricultural biodiversity, with more than 500 species of olive trees and 250 million trees spread across the country. But not only that: we also have the European record in the number of oils with a specification of origin.

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Source: CREA

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