“Beware of Fake Refunds”. New scam alert

“Beware of Fake Refunds”.  New scam alert

Fake email fromrevenue agency Which warns the taxpayer that the refund will be credited in their favour: This is the latest type of online fraud being investigated by the Postal and Telecommunications Police.

The authorities are sounding the alarm, precisely because in recent days such events have literally multiplied. This is a new type of phishing, which is based on the transmission of an alleged communication via e-mail by the Revenue Agency: the person concerned is notified of the arrival of an unidentified person reimbursement To his advantage, in order to gain access, however, it is necessary to send all his credit card data.


The Revenue Agency, like any other entity, never sends communications to E-mail contain download attachments or clickable links, and never request personal and banking details by email or text message”, in fact reminds all citizens of the postal police. Not only that, since any tax communications from each taxpayer are available in the dedicated personal area on the entity portal.

If you receive a communication of this kind, it is always recommended to avoid entering personal data, opening any attachments, or clicking on links included in the message by scammers. Beyond that, the advice is to permanently delete the received email. To reduce the risk of receiving potentially dangerous emails, please note police stationyou have to remember that Update the operating system frequently and install anti-virus and anti-spam software on all devices.

A growing phenomenon

In the year 2022 cases Internet scams 15,508 were detected by the authorities, an increase of 3% compared to the previous year: 3,541, on the other hand, were investigated overall. The number of fraudsters last year exceeded 115 million euros (+ 58% compared to 2021).

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A clear increase has been recorded in all crimes associated with the phenomenon of the so-called “Internet trade“, in which a total of 3020 cases and 130 people were investigated. The number of portals that boast profitable investments or business proposals is growing, as well as methods for capturing victims of this moment.

As many as 156 large, medium and small companies were defrauded in our country: scams that brought about 20 million euros into the pockets of fraudsters, 4 of which were recovered thanks to the work of the Postal Police.

Phishing, phishing, phishing, all the scams with which you try to steal are also on the rise sensitive data (personal and banking) for the miserable person on duty with the aim of emptying his account: 853 people were investigated last year, an increase of 9% compared to 2021.

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