“My best moment? The derby I won at Inter Milan”

“My best moment? The derby I won at Inter Milan”


© Photo by Daniel Mascolo

Speakers from the Italian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo, Fikayo Tomori and Ibrahim Diaz, answered questions from the attendees. This is the data reported by Gazzetta.it:

Tomori begins: “It is a great honor to play for this club, it is an honor.”

Diaz on the fans’ affection: “It’s amazing to see how they love Milan all over the world, I’m happy to be here. This year to be in Dubai with all of you is great.”

Diaz talks about the funniest buddy: “He’s Theo Hernandez. He’s still a kid inside. When I arrived he helped me a lot and always played pranks. Once he put a banana in my shoes.”

For Tomori, on the other hand, it’s a liao: “not for the things he does or says, only for his way of being.”

Tomori continues on his talk about Kajaer and Ibra: “Simon is really a big help for the whole team, he is a leader on and off the field, and having a player like Zlatan, especially for us as a young team, is a big help. He always wants to win. Having people like that, leading the team , is very important. We are lucky.”

Diaz also glorifies the Rossoneri: “Ibra is a leader. He tries to help you, gives you advice. Simon too, but Zlatan pushes you to be the best version of yourself, that’s nice. But to tell the truth, everyone helps me. It’s amazing how united we are, we are a family. “

Tomori comments on his best moments in Milan: “There are many, but I chose the match with Juventus. Scoring my first goal in that stadium was important for this season.”

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This is what Ibrahim said: “Derby with Inter, when did we beat them at home. Pioli? The greatest lesson he gave me is pressure. He helps me in defense, he tells me to press more.”

Tomori on Pioli: “The coach helps me understand where I have to stay on the pitch. He likes to talk to the players, you always learn something from him and always think about it, it gives you confidence, and when you’re on the pitch you can simply play it.”

Tomori also talks about the difference between the Italian League and the Premier League: “In the Premier League, the football is very fast, the intensity is very high. In Italy, I noticed that the players are very technical, each team has its own game and there is no easy match. This is something that surprised me. It is It’s tough, but I’m having fun and learning a lot.”

Ibrahim on the leagues he played in: “I’ve played in the Premier League and in La Liga, the Italian league is very difficult. It dominates tactics in some games, intensity for others. I feel good behind a striker and I do it.” In Milan it helps me because my midfielders and defenders play between the lines and I get a lot of balls, so it’s great to be in this team because I can play my game.”

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