Video of the trip to…

Video of the trip to…

Belen Rodriguez had another wonderful weekend with Stefano Di Martino. But after the weekend, the beautiful Argentine showgirl is back on her many work commitments… In fact, she showed in a video that she’s traveling to record a new episode of Tu Si Que Vales…

Belen Rodriguez And the Stefano Di Martino They have returned to a complete family. after photos weekend The two spent on a boat between the Pontine Islands, and the two spent another weekend together.

In fact, both of them have posted photos and videos of the days spent together on their Instagram profiles, including romantic sunset walks and family moments.

The Argentine showgirl and hostess used the weekend to separate and enjoy each other Relax together. But after their “vacation” days, they both went back to their day messy life.

In fact, Beilin showed herself on her way to Rome To shoot a new episode of Tu Si Que Vales …

Belen Rodriguez: The Journey at Dawn by Tu Si Que Vales

Beautiful Belen at Dawn: Video of the Journey Towards & # 8230;

Belen Rodriguez After a weekend spent with loved ones, she’s back at her work commitments. In fact, just this morning, the showgirl appeared in 06:00 Travel to Elios Studios in Rome to record a new episode of Tu Si Que Vales.

The Argentine showgirl posted in her stories a short video in which she simply wrote: “It’s 6:00 in the morning, Tu Si Que Vales is waiting for us!”. In short, again belin proved to be tirelessly And I can’t wait to start one new experience the television.

After many rumors they saw her outside Tu Si Que ValesBelen made a comeback in the famous dressing room of the Tu Si Que Vales, silencing all rumors.

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Now we just have to wait for the file to start new season from show Channel 5.

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