Sephora’s New Fragrances Will Make Your Mouth Water (And They’re Cheap!)

Sephora’s New Fragrances Will Make Your Mouth Water (And They’re Cheap!)
The source of Sephora’s new super-greedy fragrances – Sephora –

Don’t Drink: Here are 6 delicious, sweet, and refreshing Sephora fragrances for Spring/Summer 2023.

Sephora is launched line of perfume group do not drinkcomposed by 6 new fragrances Formulated with87% of ingredients Of natural origin and available in 3 forms: 10 ml at 5.90 euros; 30 ml at 11.90 euros; 50 ml at 17.90 euros. Also, both outer and inner packaging It is recyclable.

The ingredients of Sephora perfumes are Really irresistibleVery simple but give it a go Original and bold combinationsYou are sure to find the one that works best for your skin to have Super juicy scent from bitten skin.

of ropes Spicy, fruity and floweryLong-lasting fragrances definitely won’t be in your collection, but for the price they’re available, if you want a scent that’s ultra-fresh and mouth-watering. to wear it every day Without giving you a headache, then go smell it, they will Really go crazy!

Let’s get to know all the ingredients of these Sephora perfumes with super notes Invigorating, refreshing and original, So good that it makes your mouth water!

Sephora perfumes: the most spicy and fragrant

Have you ever thought about drinking DL Iris coffee? no? Well, Sephora’s perfume from the Do Not Drink line might just make you want to. The perfect blend of iris and coffee gives you an amazing taste A warm hug in the morning And many more energy to start Make the most of the day. Then the fragrance closes with the refreshing notes of mandarin and patchouli Which makes the fragrance more intense and long lasting.

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one of more aromatic Of the group for sure Sage and Tonka: 2 notes that mixed together It gives life to a truly amazing fragrance Enriched with notes of pepper, thyme, cardamom, patchouli and geranium To create a very fragrant Sensual and bold Bringing out and enhancing the greenest and sweetest part of the sage e Cooking tonka beans.

A spicy, lush blend and more sensual Of all things, it’s a Sephora fragrance Jasmine and pink pepper enriched bergamot and cedar Which gives the fragrance greater Shine and freshness on the skin.

Sephora perfumes
Source: Sephora –

The sweetest and tastiest of spring and summer

For those who love perfumes Sweet, but not fermentedYou can’t miss this Sephora perfume vanilla and sea saltthe perfect blend of the sweet notes of vanilla and sea salt that impart to the fragrance Another skill. It can definitely be one of the fragrances that will accompany you until summer.

batter Mandarin and matchaHowever, he would have the ability to wake you up And it puts you right away from good mood Even on hot days. Sparkling and very pleasant fragrance Balanced and unisex.

Finally, here’s a file more voracious For everyone Sephora perfumesThis spray on skin will instantly make you want to get a cute look fruit juiceHe does not drink Black currant and passion fruita great combination Sparkling and delicious You’ll want to sip every last drop.

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