Mancini must defend first place

Mancini must defend first place

The coach thinks of a light trident and reflects on the changes, especially in defense: there is the idea of ​​a triple defense with the debut of Luiz Felipe.

Fourth game The League of Nations toItalia Which tonight (8.45 pm) you will face Germany The game offers many ideas. In terms of standings, the Azzurri want to defend first place as the Germans continue to have their first success. But Roberto Mancini certainly looks beyond the points, however important they may be: the reconstruction has just begun and a new cycle must be opened. The coach thinks Several changesBecause we are facing the last game of the season and the sporting freshness is what it is, because we are studying new tactical solutions and trying new players.

At Borussia Park in Mönchengladbach, a different national team will appear than the one that won 0-0 in England on Saturday. should go back to Trident “light” He is seen against Hungary with Rasbadore leading the attack, supported on the flanks by Politano and the new owner of Gnonto. A mixture that will hopefully lead to goals being scored again, the most pressing problem for this national team As Mancini himself admits, there are only two games in three.

In midfield and in defence, the options must be deciphered because they will lead to a tactical system rather than another: as our correspondent Simon Malagotti reported, the coach tried Three men defensive line Which means for the first time to Louis Philip Who spent his words of praise yesterday at the conference. The Lazio player will besiege Mancini and Bastoni and will see the mediator Calabria on the right, Barilla Cristante in the middle and Spinazzola on the left. Definite attack 3-4-3 even if the players allow us to think about changing the tactical system, for example by moving Luiz Felipe to the right, with Spinazzola retracting in defense and Calabria playing as a midfielder.

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If Mancini chooses to continue, here is the defense quadruple with Calabria, Mancini, Bastoni and Spinazzola and the midfield formed by Barilla, Cristanelli and Locatelli (who will receive the No. 10 shirt). Pellegrini will go to the standsLooking at the minutes of the last matches. On the bench, Scalvini and Caprari, ready for their debut.

The Azzurri top Group 3 in League A of the Nations League with 5 points, with their victory will separate Germany which is still at height 3. In the other challenge of the group, England – the last two points – challenge Hungary, on height. Four, to bring Italy closer or closer.

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