Steel distribution is at a crossroads

Steel distribution is at a crossroads

In the face of changes on the supply and demand side steel productsthe Steel distribution is at a crossroads: need to “competency development, Manage product placement activity solely by following logic in close harmony with production priorities. On the other hand, he is called to develop sServices with fairly high added valueis provided with the traditional activity, to the point of making the latter complementary to the real business of the company, that is, a non-marginal component of the product that allows the assumptions of the economic viability of the company to be modified.” to this conclusion. Gianfranco Tosinifrom the Siderweb Research Office, arrives at the online conference dedicated specifically to the topic of steel distribution and service centers, organized by Siderweb in cooperation with BLM Group.

“For the last 10 years, Tosini explained, there has been Weakening the contractual position of distribution towards production». Therefore, in the current context, choosing which services to activate to meet producers’ expectations and maintain a benign relationship with end-users has become crucial. To identify the most interesting option for individual distribution operators, according to Tosini, It is necessary to focus on the costs and value of different types of services That can be provided, then consider Structural constraints To expand the offer of services.

Among the restrictions mentioned by Al-Tusini, we find:The service is not important, Human resources management, which requires Greater investments in training Constantly updating, developing and motivating them. still: The need for production capacity, Taking into account periods of peak demand instead of average data, with the need to ensure time synchronization between product production and delivery. there Availability of technical staff to manage the relationship with the client And solve problems of measuring productivity and professionalism of collaborators who are affected by the specific requests of the individual client.

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