Be careful if the fingerprint reader in your mobile phone is not working: you could be in danger

Be careful if the fingerprint reader in your mobile phone is not working: you could be in danger

If your mobile phone's fingerprint reader isn't working, be careful because you could be in danger: here's what happens.

Every day, new threats emerge Regarding possible hacker attacks The movements of criminals with the aim of stealing Data Sensitive ed Information Personal. In particular, in the recent period we are talking about a threat that you should pay maximum attention to. Because it works in a different mode than usual.

If the fingerprint reader on your mobile phone is not working, beware of malware –

That is, through Fingerprint reader for mobile phone. If you notice that it no longer works as it should, is faulty or even not working, then you have probably been attacked before Dangerous malware Who wants to steal the PIN codes of unsuspecting victims and thus be able to access all seemingly hidden data The phone is encrypted. Here's what you should do to immediately know if you're being attacked and how to best defend yourself.

Fingerprint reader not working: Be careful, it may be malware

They thought about sounding the alarm Cybersecurity researchers at ThreatFabric. According to what appeared, there is a malicious program called Chameleon robot Which was recently updated and gives hackers the opportunity to move forward in an increasingly dangerous way to hack into victims' mobile phones and access very dangerous sensitive and personal information.

The fingerprint reader on the mobile phone, if it is not working, it may be due to banking malware
Dangerous malware that doesn't make the fingerprint reader on your cell phone work –

In particular, it seems that the virus has now managed to do this Disable the fingerprint unlock function. Thus proceeding to be able to steal pin of people and access to all relevant data. But that's not all because, again, according to what security experts have gathered, the malware will now analyze the operating system first. And just in case Android 13 or laterwill be asked by the victim Activate access services. Complete this with a guided process, before you can perform unauthorized actions.

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You have to be very careful especially since we're talking about this Banking Trojan. Therefore, its primary goal is to hack into people's bank accounts and empty them completely. Pay special attention to those unofficial apps you download Via APK Online, links and attachments you open via email or SMS. Danger is always around the corner, especially now that the new version of Chameleon has also expanded to other regions Such as the United Kingdom and Italy.

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