Google releases Android 12L beta 1 for Pixel and beyond: news and downloads

After several developments in the past few weeks, this evening Android 12 for It’s official with release first beta, which can be installed immediately on supported Pixels, by Google, which presents the news with a detailed press release.

New Android 12L 1 beta version

The first beta of Android 12L is a center for general improvements, especially for developers, and specific news regarding foldable devices, multitasking and other aspects of large displays. In addition to the official support for API level 32 and Security patch As of December 2021, Android 12L includes several UI improvements for large displays, including notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, and more. For example, on displays with resolutions greater than 600dpi, the notification area, lock screen, and other system surfaces use a new two-column layout to take advantage of the entire area.

Multitasking is more powerful and intuitive: Android 12L includes a new taskbar for large displays that allows users to instantly switch to their favorite apps on the go or drag and drop apps into split-screen mode.

There are also several tweaks for compatibility mode with visual and stability improvements to provide a better user experience and help apps look better by default.

Download Android 12L beta 1

Android 12 for beta 1 can be tested immediately with a computer emulator, and Lenovo Tab P12 Pro And above all, with supported Google Pixels, ie from 3 onwards; To download and install it on your Pixel, it is enough that your smartphone is part of the Android beta program: if it is already part of it, then the download notification will arrive soon via OTA, otherwise you must first register it from This page.

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