Battle of the Bands, Round 1

Battle of the Bands, Round 1

Saturday 1 June at 8pm saw the start of the Battle of the Bands, a Caliso initiative that takes place every Saturday in June in which, musically speaking, 10 selected live bands presenting their own repertoire compete. The evaluation of the organization is positive and they feel satisfied. “We maintained the initial spirit, which was that the word ‘battle’ was symbolic, and that there was a festive atmosphere to enjoy live music.”said Danny Koma, Caliso’s manager.

Although it was a complicated day for a gang battle, either because of the rain or because of the Old Town Festival or because there was a lot of activity in the city, “Because it was the first day, it went well enough and people came from outside who wouldn’t normally come, which is interesting.”Kuma adds.

On this first leg of the Battle of the Bands, Els Mots and Three Engine Empire played two very different shows in terms of musical style. “The two bands on the first Saturday were completely different and the crowd noticed that too.”.

This got the audience, who also evaluated the bands apart from the semi-professional judging panel that would decide the winning band, in attendance, talking and thinking about what they wanted to vote for. “We created the debate.”.

First, at 8pm, Els Mots performed. After a break, at 9:30 p.m., Three Engine Empire did just that. Both groups were very happy that they were able to perform in Kaliso and the organization gave them their first gift, since then “We gave them a 10% discount voucher from La Guitarreria for participating.”.

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Els Mots a Batalla de Bandes concert || M

Three Engine Empire concert at Batalla de Bandes.  ||  M

Three Engine Empire concert at Batalla de Bandes. || M

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