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gun \aise\ – United States and Venicea bond that is becoming more and more solid thanks to the new daily air route of the Delta Airlines Which will connect Atlanta with Laguna which in addition to direct flights from New Yorkalready working since mid-March.
“This cooperation with Delta, the American carrier, which is also the result of the strategic vision of the head of SAVE, Enrico Marchi, reinforces the weight of Venice Marco Polo Airport as the third national intercontinental gateway – he commented. Luka ZayaPresident of the Veneto Region. Also thanks to this operation, Veneto reaffirms its role in the strategic chessboard of the tourism and business travel sector, a central destination for tourists from abroad, a foreign market that now leads bookings with France, Germany, Spain and the United States. kingdom”.
“These direct links with America are essential for the economy, tourism and employment – continues the governor -. We are on the eve of a summer season that will give us great satisfaction: employment rates recorded over the Easter break are practically equal to 2022 levels and projections for the next few weeks show an employment rate close to the consolidated data from the years The forecast data for May and June are positive, especially for the receiving lagoon, with bookings already corresponding to about 50% of those recorded in 2022. Then there are the beaches, which account for more than 36% of tourist visits in Veneto and today, with these trips With new direct sales from the United States, we will be able to recover that important segment of the flows that for our artistic cities are a vital lymph for the tourism economy. (aise)

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