Basketball, first division: results for the ninth day

Basketball, first division: results for the ninth day

Day 9: Olimpia prevails in Sardinia with a giant match in the two central districts. Brindisi surpasses Venice, Brescia extends Naples. Trento Race in Pesaro

Brindisi Venice 75-63
Brindisi bounced back from their last disappointing league performance by defeating Venice in a well-crafted match that saw Vitucci’s side lead for nearly 40 minutes. The departure of the hosts with Mascolo in the starting lineup instead of Bowman is convincing: after Reyer’s first basket, Brindisi takes command of the operations (10 ‘, 17-6), albeit with many flaws in attack. Venice could do worse, collecting shots on a 3-point edge (0/8 in the first quarter) and a turnover (5). The guests’ fast ends at the beginning of the second quarter, when Spiso and Freeman returned the attack with three consecutive hat-tricks (12 ‘, 19-12).

Brindisi tries to stop the shock wave of Reyer, who woke up after the initial hibernation (6/8 of 3 in the second quarter) and managed to overtake (28-29) before the long interval. Back on the court, Reed took the lead with 8 straight points (14 in the third quarter) allowing Brindisi to extend their lead again (23′, 39-31). Granger was the only one in Venice who kept up the Brindisi defense, which became a difficult wall to overcome within the minutes. Spissu’s three-point shot at the buzzer in the 30th minute (52-47) allows the Guns to hang on to the game. Brindisi solves the puzzle in the first 3 minutes of the last quarter with a score of 9-0 (61-49) and Mascolo is the absolute driving force in the draw that will prove decisive and will also give the maximum advantage (68-53) at 2′ from the limit. (Joseph Matzon)
Toast: Red 28, Mascolo 14,
Purnell 10
Venice: Granger 16, Freeman 14, Spaceo 9.

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Brescia’s third consecutive victory, which, despite the absence of Coppin and Petrocelli, is a very small success against a Napoli that is completely melting between the second and third quarters, beaten by Massenburg and Gabriel.

The hosts, coming back from a European Cup defeat against Venice (60-80), start strong (14-7, 10-0 in part): +14 at the start of the second quarter (29-15) is the direct result of that expressed by Brescia with all its players. It was up to the killer Zanotti (12 points in 7 minutes) to put Napoli back in the game (47-43) early in the second half. Gabriel takes the chair and brings Brescia back to +15 (68-53) while the Neapolitans have to deal with a dirty situation that is not easy. Coach Buscaglia is ejected for a double technical foul for protests while Massinburg sinks Gevi (81-60) without ideas at the third siren. Only the last 10 minutes were used for Tanvolio, Guedini and Grassi to make their debut: the match had already ended a while ago. (Alberto Panzola)

breccia: Massenburg 24, Della Valle 17, Gabriel 15.

Naples: Williams 17, Zanotti and Howard 12

Milan’s cure for depression is dubbed the tournament, as Olimpia cruises to PalaSerradimigni, carving a decisive groove in halves two and three, with a 32-0 run guiding the match.

Sasari holds out for the first 10 minutes, Jones’ talent makes up for the difference in fitness and Bokchi’s team stays in line. The turning point for Milan came already in the second quarter, when Olimpia intensified the defensive phase on the flanks of Sassari, and Dynamo changed its direction with protagonist Millie, and the result is a long break 22-2 that gives the guests mental health while the hosts completely lose their clarity. Davies and Caparott are certain and Milan go to the locker room for a long break at +24. The expected reaction of the hosts after the first-half break on the defensive wall erected by Hines and his partners, Messina’s team does not let down its guard, in fact, if possible, it intensifies even more on the substitutions, constantly lowering Sassari’s confidence; On the other side of the field, the Cabarrot a phrase that gives status to the offensive phase of Olimpia and Messina’s applause for the hat-trick 26-63, is the motto that testifies to the mentality with which the guests presented themselves at PalaSerradimigni. However, it is forbidden to talk about garbage time for Messina even at +40, look at the time-out after a small 4-0 break, but the last 15 minutes of the game only serve to determine the final advantage that Olympia triumphs over in Parque Sassari. (Nicola Cascione)

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Sassari: Bendicius 15, Robinson 12, Dow 11

Milan: Cabarrott 21, Davies, Baron 16

Trento is smiling as it records its second successive success, and sixth in the tournament, boosting its playoff ambitions in a big way.

Pizarro makes the big sound that opener easily leads to Mazzola and Abdur-Rahman running for the first escape at 8-16. A very sweet entry into the field for the forty-year-old Delfino who promptly fired from a corner on his season debut, repeating himself twice more soon after. Former Chemnitz Atkins takes over and the Bianconeri score for the match with eight points in quick succession, starting with the support of Flaccadori and the energy of captain Forray to 8-0 (opening at 20-31), a break from Abderrahmane’s row. Shortly before the break, Crawford and Odom ignited the crowd in Trentino, riding the wave of technical fouls unleashed against Moretti and pushing the Bianconeri to -1 (38-39). Back on the parquet, Crawford got up from three points to give his team the first advantage of the evening (41-39 in the 21st minute) but it was Rahman who pushed Carpegna up +6 (43-49), forcing Moulin to stop the match for a minute. In times of need, Forray takes over the game, spurring three offensive rebounds and putting up six points at Amen (49-51). Opening the final quarter, Flaccadori was clearly finding the target on the counterattack, assisted by Udom’s 14 points and 12 rebounds in just 26 minutes. Pesaro does not intend to raise the white flag and set fire from Abdelrahman with a triple from Mazzola’s corner that freezes the hosts. Hot end: An important triple by Forray for +3 (76-73) Moretti then serves as a needle scoring two points in a precarious balance and yet gets kicked off the other side of the court with an offensive foul added for the second coach in the afternoon. Game, match, meeting for Trento who closes the letter from the line with Forray. (Written by Roberto Bova)

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Trent: Foray, Flaccadori and Atkins 16.

Bizarro: Moretti 20, Abdul Rahman 18, Mazola 11.

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