Once set at school, he leaves his 1-year-old daughter in the car for 6 hours and gets to work: picking up dad

Once set at school, he leaves his 1-year-old daughter in the car for 6 hours and gets to work: picking up dad

The father had just been hired as a school librarian in New York but left his daughter in the car for six hours. She was rescued by a 41-year-old colleague who noticed her and broke windows to free her.

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a An American dad has been arrested of the NYPD after leaving Her one-year-old daughter is trapped in her car Parked on the street for about six hours, heading to work. The 41-year-old’s startling gesture was only discovered when a colleague of the man drove past his car and noticed the child sitting alone in the seat. Thus, the man broke a window to get the girl out, then called the police and reported the incident.

The protagonist of the story is Michael Dodds, 41, who went last Thursday morning to the Walter G. Damrosch School in Morrisania, a residential area in the Bronx, He took the service as a school librarian. As the police explained, the man parked his car right in front of the school where he had just been hired, but forgot about the little girl who was inside, seriously risking her death.

Fortunately, another school employee, who had left the facility in the early afternoon, noticed the little girl in the car and removed her immediately before calling the police. The child was conscious and alert But she was taken to the nearest hospital for examination. It had been nearly six hours since her father had left her in the car. Shortly thereafter, the father was identified and arrested on suspicion of endangering the child’s welfare.

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“We commend the heroism of the school employee who took action to save this child from danger,” said the City Schools spokeswoman, adding, “Upon learning of this incident, the school immediately called the police and 911 services.” The doctor who intervened at the scene, the employee, the father of the child Reassigned to a mission away from the students”. The man has been working in the Ministry of Education since 2007 and previously worked as a coordinator for several school libraries.

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