Barcelona, ​​the music center of the future

Barcelona, ​​the music center of the future

This week Barcelona will become one of the world’s music centers, mainly due to the celebration of the National Day Primavera sound. It is accompanied by a series ofParallel activities Like the campus of the composition Follow the Song which, in fact, they promote through the festival with multinational companies in the sector such as Sony or YouTube.

As organizer Jordi Tello explains in the programme’Tesner Squareit’s about bringing together “talent from here and everywhere for often uncommon collaborations.” Find trends and music newIn other words, to facilitate the creation of the music of the future.

“It’s a way to get the most out of the many artists in Barcelona and the people who come here to create.”


Barcelona artist Rojo And the singer from Vilassar de Mar Mush, who also perform at Primavera, are some of the Catalan participants in the tournaments organized in Estudis Medusa, in Sants, and Tangiers, in Poblenou. In Mochca’s case, he wanted to work with the Barcelona-based Venezuelan producer It came knocking: “To do a session that we had been waiting for for a long time and that we decided to do, even though we had a rather complicated week.” He highlights the initiative which “is a way to Extract maximum juice “To the many artists in the city and to the people who come here to create.”

Catalonia, Madrid, Netherlands and Greece

In another room we find Growlinganother young Catalan artist collaborating with the Madrid singer and composer Alba AriasDutch producer Matthias Janmaat And the Greek musician Victor VernicusWho chose to enter Eurovision for his country.

They say they are working on what could be The upcoming success of some international artists. For Hadren, the experience is all the same Creative challenge“You have to constantly adapt in new directions depending on the ideas that others bring,” he explains.

Arias also emphasizes Communications that may arise Looking to the future: “We meet here, but one could be in Amsterdam and call you in a few months because they are working on a session and think you can contribute something.”

Over 200 sessions and nearly 300 artists

Follow the Song was held for the first time last year in Madrid and Barcelona has been included for this year’s edition. More than 200 cooperation sessions between nearly 300 artists will be held between the two cities over a period of six days.

One of the goals of the proposal is to promote the work done in recording studios. In this line are musicians and producers Manu chalk I Roger Rhodesresponsible for Medusa, emphasizes that their studio has become a “meeting point,” a center “for creativity with people who might not have come to Barcelona specifically.”

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