LIVE FIBA ​​- World Cup 2023, live draw: Italy in Group A

LIVE FIBA ​​- World Cup 2023, live draw: Italy in Group A

there FIBA World Cup 2023 An important step is being taken in Manila: the formation and location of the groups between the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. The ceremony takes place at Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines at 7.30pm local time (1.30pm in Italy, GMT+8), and at the end of the article there is the live broadcast provided by the FIBA ​​youtube channel.

Live drawing
The first group: the Philippines, Italy
The second group: Serbia
The third group: the United States and Greece
Group D: Lithuania
Group E: Germany, Australia, Japan,
Group F: Slovenia
Group G: Spain and Brazil
Group Eight: Canada and France

Group composition criteria.
The 32 teams were divided into eight pots, according to the values ​​expressed in the FIBA ​​rankings
Pot 1: Philippines, Spain, United States, Australia
Pot 2: France, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania
Pot 3: Greece, Italy, Germany, Brazil
Pot 4: Canada, Venezuela, Montenegro, Puerto Rico
Pot 5: Iran, Dominican Republic, Finland, New Zealand
Pot 6: China, Latvia, Mexico, Georgia
Seventh level: Jordan, Japan, Angola, Ivory Coast
Eighth level: Lebanon, Egypt, South Sudan, Cape Verde

Italy was included in Pot 3 and will face three teams from Pot 1, Pot 5 and Pot 7 in the first stage, the Italian team will be placed in Group A (Manila-Philippines), Group C (Manila-Philippines), Group V (Okinawa-Japan) or Group G (Jakarta – Indonesia).

Instead, Groups B, D, F and H will be formed by the national teams from Pot 2, Pot 4, Pot 6 and Pot 8.

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