Sabadell photographer and travel guide Tony Espadas was murdered in Ethiopia

Sabadell photographer and travel guide Tony Espadas was murdered in Ethiopia

BarcelonaPhotographer and travel guide from Sabadell, Tony Espadas, was killed in Ethiopia while collaborating on the production of the TV show. Partners all over the world For the Chilean channel Canal 13, as announced on Monday by the same station and confirmed to ACN by sources from Acció Exterior. The administration has contacted the victim’s family and is trying to clarify the details of the incident.

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Channel 13 reported the events In a statement published on its website In it, he explained that Espadas was the victim of a “complex incident” while registering in the African country. According to the mediator’s story, two armed individuals crossed in front of the truck in which Espadas and the rest of the crew of the program produced by the production company MkZeta were traveling. The car tried to avoid them, and that’s when they opened fire, killing Alsabadelli.

Channel 13 explained that the driver and other passengers were “miraculously saved,” stressing that they were able to escape to a safe place and are in “good health.” “All of the Chancellery [de Xile] “Channel 13 is making all arrangements so that they can leave the country as soon as possible, return to Chile and give them all the support they need,” the statement concluded.

Espadas co-founded the Sabadell-based travel agency Rift Valley Expeditions. a Agency website His knowledge of Africa, dating back more than 25 years, and his “extensive experience” in organizing trips there stand out. He is also known as an avid anthropologist and expert off-road driver.

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