Aurora Ramazzotti First belly photo on Instagram

Aurora Ramazzotti First belly photo on Instagram

Aurora Ramazzotti She is always in journalistic silence on the issue of the alleged pregnancy that concerns her, but continues on Instagram to publish details that could be an answer to all the rumors that she has long seen pregnant with her boyfriend. Goffredo Serza. After the indiscretion launched by the weekly From, the beautiful forecast news has been circulating on the internet in a very short time, but at present, those directly involved have neither denied nor confirmed it. Aurora, for the first time, showed her belly on Instagram, and the answer could all be in her own way.

Aurora belly photo on Instagram

Certainly if there is quality Aurora Ramazzotti Which no one can deny is the irony with which he faces situations; Also in this case, although it’s a sensitive topic and can feel like he’s in the middle of gossip in an excessive way than usual, he decided on Instagram to show his sympathy with somewhat vague answers (but not too much) which are clearly related to rumors about her alleged pregnancy And what he writes daily in private messages on social networking sites.

“I’m the one opening messages these days,” Aurora wrote on Instagram, attaching a picture of her as a baby with hilarious and playful expressions. “Every time I’m the one who’s trying to stay away from social networksShe added, this time also with a picture of her as a child and a questionable face. The level of interest in her has certainly increased in this period, but she Always able to find the sarcastic font To be able to live as calmly as possible.

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But that’s not all, because after a series of photos of her as a baby with always funny expressions, Aurora Ramazzotti posted the first photo of her stomach afterwards. Rumors of an alleged pregnancy. All you see is a flat stomach (very flat), and it is not clear whether it has been shown to suppress any gossip or to send another signal about the sweet expectation; What is certain is that only time can truly give us answers.

Aurora and Goffredo: What is the truth

Some time ago, there were rumors of an alleged pregnancy; After gossip on The pregnancy test was purchased by Aurora Ramazzotti with my mom Michael Hunziker During his vacation in Sardinia, the rumors and the weekly did not stop From Reveal the beautiful secret of the announcer.

Therefore, Aurora will be pregnant with her Her boyfriend, Goffredo Serzawith whom do you share it Big love for five years now; If everything turns out to be true, it means that the showgirl and ex-girlfriend Eros Ramazzotti They will become grandparents in no time. It must be said, two young and wonderful grandparents who are into rock and above all, who have met quite a lot in recent months.

However, those involved have not directly commented on the news clearly at the moment, but it is certain that those of Aurora are small, opaque guides who, in their own way, want to respond to everything that has been said both publicly and confidentially for days.

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