“Aurora has Asian features because…” Michelle explained it to everyone years later

“Aurora has Asian features because…” Michelle explained it to everyone years later

One of the most beloved by Italians of all ages, the Swiss broadcaster has returned from a passionate summer in the sun with sensual and beautiful Dr. Giovanni Angelini, now her ex-boyfriend, back to base, in Milan, at her home of singles. And with news of her first child being pregnant with Aurora, she’s making an important announcement. Confession hidden in the depths of the heart for so many years and which shakes the masses …

The artist – in action – explains why in a social video oriFrom his previous relationship with Romanian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti, It has oriental features. His story makes those who listen to him unable to speak.. so what did he confess?

Michelle and Aurora Yobe

Michael Hunziker In his Instagram stories, he explained why the eldest daughter Aurora, born of the love of Eros Ramazotti, Oriental features that start with almond eyes. Presented with my mom Enikihe recorded a beautiful video showing a picture of his daughter saying: “I will tell you A strange story about our family. Aurora see how much I have Asian traits. But Why are there Asian traits in our family?And here the story becomes very interesting… Are you ready to find out?

That’s why Aury has Asian traits

At that point, his mother sat on the floor, explaining in a very simple way: “We have Asian traits because in the family tree from my mother’s second grandfather Ancestralone in 1760and the other in 1880they were sailorsthey worked Indonesia and they have married to an indonesian. We are Dutch, and since 1690 everyone has worked in the navy or on ships.” At this point, the wonderful Michelle took the floor again and added to conclude the speech: “So we have it in our area Genetics Asia. That’s why Aury has these traits.” And so the conversation ended, leaving the door, once and for all, stinging chatter about it.

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She’s about to become a grandmother thanks to the eldest daughter

In the past – by the way – both Michelle This is a great colleague and friend Jerry Scotty They ended up in a storm of not only national, but international, having been severe accused of racismbecause of the cartoon that was broadcast in TG parody stripping news They imitate the Chinese by simulating almond eyes and replacing the letter “r” with the letter “L”. But – apparently – their “small theater” was not at all liked and so Hunziker decided to run immediately for the cover to “save face”, as is also true and natural.

Why does Aurora Ramazzotti have almond-shaped eyes?
Aurora and Michelle Yobe

The woman – in fact – was reported via a video uploaded to her – to say the least – an official Instagram profile: “I love all cultures, I apologize. Stereotypes creep into our daily lives without us even realizing it, and we have to change.” And now MichelleWith the precise and clear aim of removing accusations of racism once and for all, which are extremely dangerous and extremely painful, she returned to the case with the new video in which she reveals the Asian origins of her family and the eastern features of her daughter. Aurora That in January, after the Christmas holidays, You will make it a grandmother for the first timeto a handsome boy.

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