Bertini freezes Brambilla, and Spall smiles

Bertini freezes Brambilla, and Spall smiles

The appointment with Al-Nasr was postponed again: juventus next generation, After the comeback she suffered in Riminiloses in the 90th minute and remains stuck with zero points in the standings of Group B of the Italian League.. Brambilla’s team creates a few chances, SPAL does the same, but is just a few moments away from the end thanks to Bertini He won three important points.

Although there is YildizThe Bianconeri are unable to worry Di Carlo’s compact defense and only make some sporadic moves. They work well too HoisinAnd Polly and Muharimovich, who can do nothing to avoid final ridicule. Instead, Davara was guilty, and wasn’t very accurate in his blocking.

Juventus Next Generation – SPAL, the story of the match

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95′ – The referee blows his whistle three times: SPAL wins and rises to 6 points, and Juve loses again and remains at zero.

94′ Hassa shoots from outside the penalty area, but changes direction and misses the goal.

92′ – Brambilla plays all his cards: Mancini comes on for Salifu.

90′ – SPAL goal!
Bertini Quick kicks after being cleared from the defense from a corner kick, Dhafara does not see the ball going and cannot clear it.

87′ – Hasa turns on Mulazi and passes a good cross and finds Siri, but the header is inaccurate.

84′ – Yildiz’s match ends and Siri takes his place.

81′ – Boly is booked for a foul on Antenucci.

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77′ – Di Carlo completes the substitutions: Celgardi and Claudel come off, Rosato and Paravicini come on.

76′- Juve insists on the right flank, but SPAL’s defense is alert.

70′ – Two substitutions for Juventus, with the entry of Marisa and Mbangula, and the entry of Salifu and Gera.

62′ – Double substitution for SPAL, Raby and Orvi come on, Dalmont and Antenucci come on.

61′ – Yildiz finds Mulazi on the right, who makes a good save, shoots down the middle and shoots with his left foot. His shot goes wide.

57′ – Juventus chance!
Cominencia serves Guerra deep, who goes past a man and hits the crossbar with a shot. But everything stands still: the linesman waves.

51′ – Juve start well on the counter-attack with Hasa and Yldez, but Cominencia spoils everything by failing to connect.

46′ – The second half begins, Juventus moves the first ball.

45’+2′ – Mr. Ramondino blows the whistle twice: end of the first half.

45′ – The referee counts two minutes of stoppage time.

40′ – Break from Salifu in midfield, Arena pulls him down and gets a yellow card.

37′ – First substitution in the SPAL match: Carraro was unable to score and Bertini took his place.

31′ – Hasa anticipates the opponent and passes a header to Guerra, who does not control the ball well and negates the move.

26′ – Juventus chance!
Yildiz does not hit the ball from a suitable position, and sends a beautiful cross from Mulazi. The ball is flowing and Toricchia doesn’t take advantage of it either.

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21′ – Spall chance!
Arena almost scored from a corner kick with a scissor kick, but Davara managed to clear the ball under the crossbar.

19′ – The pace of the match declined with a lack of scoring from both teams.

11′ – Muhremović makes a mistake, Rabi comes in and kicks, but he misses the target.

10′- Siligardi and Orvi are talking, trying to find space, and Heusen is wary.

7′ – Big break in midfield from Salifu, who advances 30 metres, but at the best moment misses the pass to Mulazi.

3′ – Mulazi loses the ball in the middle of the field, and Orvi tries to exploit it, but the Juve defense holds up well.

1′- SPAL plays the first ball of the match.

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