March 20, 2023

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“Going back to Juventus was the choice of the heart, we must take back the place we deserve. Allegri? I have a strong relationship with him.”

The interview was conducted by “GQ”, Paul PogbaA midfielder, born in 1993 for Juventus and the French national team, and deals with various issues, the first of which is the issue of returning to Juventus: “I like to think and say it was my heart that made the decision. It was also probably the time to come back here. The last three years in Manchester, which have also been affected by injuries, didn’t go as well as I wanted, it’s no ambiguity. I thought if we add to this the fact That Juventus also arrived for two years in which they didn’t win the Scudetto, it was a big challenge for both of us. Maybe it’s the right time to meet again and try to get the place we deserve., me and Juventus. And above all, I come back to win. I always want to play, I want to I do my best. And I know inside me that this shirt is special, it brings out the best in me. We have built a good history with this team., Which I never forgot even when I left Juventus. Coming back here is always a motivation for me, an incentive to perform well. I have nothing to doubt that this was my place.

My first experience with Juventus? The first time here I was younger and didn’t have the experience I have now. I grew up in a personal life, having two children and a wife and also as a footballer. I won the World Cup with France, the Europa League with United, and I played with great players and a great team. I learned a lot there, it was very different from my previous experience. I had to take on more responsibility than I had here at Juventus when I was young and I had experienced players close to me. Now I look at myself and I think I’ve become like those guys, like BerlowHow BuffonHow Kellini. Now it’s up to me to do what they did with Juventus.

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cheerful? I’ve always had a very strong relationship with the coach. Beautiful and honest. He knows me and always pushes me when we’re here together. Even when I was in Manchester, we kept in touch and talked a lot.

criticism? You know, after I started playing at a high level at a very young age, I used to deal with singing. It’s part of the game: As athletes, we live with praise and criticism on a weekly basis, knowing that we must maintain balance and focus on our work.“.