Athletics, Andy Diaz is Italian! Medal card in Paris 2024 but when will he be able to compete? – OA Sports

Athletics, Andy Diaz is Italian!  Medal card in Paris 2024 but when will he be able to compete?  – OA Sports

L’Italian Athletics He has a new medal card for Paris Olympics 2024who’s really heavy: Cuban In fact, Andy Diaz was naturalized yesterday Following a decision by the Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In fact, the president of Kony Giovanni Malaghi activated the procedure for granting Italian citizenship to the Caribbean for sporting merits: the government approved the request and since yesterday Diaz was our citizen in all respects. It must be emphasized that for “ordinary” people the process of obtaining Italian citizenship is a long and tortuous process, while for athletes in the past several years there has been a fast track: right or wrong? As always, OA Sport does not want to get involved in political speeches.

Andy Diaz is one of the three best triple jumpers in the world. The other two, to tell the truth, are all his former teammates: Cubans Pedro Pablo Picardo and Jordan Diaz-Fortun are competing for Portugal and Spain respectively. In 2022, the new Zuri crossed the 17.50-meter barrier six times, He also won the Diamond League final in Zurich in 17.70, personal precedence. The Italian record of Fabrizio Donato, coach of Andy Diaz, is 17.60m and has been standing since 2000!

Born in 1995 (but will only turn 28 in December), the Cuban-Italian is by all intents and purposes a star in tricolor athletics. In the current season he boasts a modest (for him …) 17.09 indoors, but given the summer season, it becomes a dream The approach to the fateful threshold is 18 metersobjectively inconceivable for any triple jumper born so far in Italy.

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However, there is still a knot that needs to be resolved: when will we be able to see Andy Diaz actually don the national team jersey? According to the regulations, 3 years must pass from the date of competition for the previous country (Except for an agreement between the federations that reduces the time to just one year, but that is unlikely.) The rule is not entirely clear, because it does not specify which competitions we are talking about. If we take into account only international events such as the World Cup, the Olympics and continental events (Europeans, Americans, etc.), Diaz’s last appearance in the Cuba jersey dates back to the 2019 Pan American Championship: in this case, Italy could have deployed him since the 2023 World Cup in Budapest. However, there is certainly an important “but”. Diaz was called up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (held in 2021), he was registered for the competition, but he didn’t take part in the qualifiers: well, would it be necessary to consider just registering for the Games, even though he didn’t participate? These are questions for lawyers … In any case, the triathlon qualifiers in the last Olympics took place on August 3, 2021, while those in Paris 2024 will be on August 7: at worst, the three years will have passed. Moreover, Diaz represented Cuba in the Diamond League stage on July 1, 2021 in Oslo: will this event be taken into account or not?

At the moment, even FIDAL is not taking a position on the matter, as the issues that have been exposed will need to be clarified in the coming weeks. The feeling that Andy Diaz will be in Paris 2024, while his participation in the 2023 World Cup is uncertain. Sooner or later, Italy will be able to acquire a new ace Along with the stars who have relaunched the movement in the past three years.

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