Earth’s Never Discovered Mineral: According to Science

Earth’s Never Discovered Mineral: According to Science

According to researchers at the Australian National University, the Earth consists of a fifth layer of metal that has not been discovered before. This metallic sphere would be located in the center of our planet’s inner core. This came from a study published in Nature Communications.

Until now Landas we know it, will consist of ShellAnd coat And deeper, the Earth’s core is divided into outer core melted and The inner core Solid and metallic, consisting of iron and nickel. However, some researchers from the Australian National University (Anu) would claim that there would be a fifth layer. This is the one metal ball 650 km in the center of the inner core. A discovery that might be exciting, because it might reveal some details aboutdevelopment from our planet. The study authors also published in Nature CommunicationsThis metal sphere should have existed 20 years ago, but now there will be some certificate Cement.

Satellite image of planet Earth – BioPlanet

layers of our planet

The researchers’ starting point was data drawn from about 200 earthquakesrecorded in the last decade, with a volume equal to or greater than 6. Le seismic wavesin fact, as a study tool to express terrestrial. The waves travel through the different layers of the Earth and reappear at the Earth’s surfaceopposite Where the earthquake occurred. After that, the waves return to the origin of the earthquake. during techniques creativeresearchers detected seismic waves bouncing up to five times the length of the Earth’s diameter.

In this way, scientists were able to studyanisotropy, that is, a property where the value of a physical quantity in a substance depends on the direction in which it is viewed. In this study it was identified in Iron and nickel alloys which characterizes the inner core of the Earth. So researchers can study how seismic waves speed up or slow down through a material depending on which direction they travel. the the changes Which are determined, therefore, could depend on the different arrangement of the iron atoms at high temperatures and pressures. Or from the alignment of crystals within the Earth’s core.

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Earth satellite image – BioPlanet

“Secrets” of the Earth

After parsing a file disparity From the times of wave travel, therefore, the researchers concluded that the structure of the inner region of the inner core could be Different From outside. This is why waves speed up or slow down depending on their angle of entry as they penetrate the innermost core. According to the results published in the study, it is also inferred during its phase evolutionary Earth could have fundamentally changed the Earth building crystalline inner core.

Seismologist of the Australian National University, Hrvoje Tcalcicthen describes the inner core as a kind of capsule affiliate time. Basically a very important component to determine the evolution of the Earth. “Portal to the events of our planet’s past’, allowing us to reconstruct events that occurred millions of billions of years ago. However, as scientists are careful to point out, many are still out there. Requests at the heart of our planet. Unveil these incredibles secrets Can give specific answers to Earth formationfrom its origins.

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