Aston Martin Vantage, live it and make you say 'cool'

Aston Martin Vantage, live it and make you say 'cool'

First appearance in Italy – Finding a car that leaves you speechless today is not a given even in the golden and rarefied world of luxury cars, but at Gaydon, with the new Aston Martin VantageThey certainly knew how to make the strings of feelings pulsate with taste and a sense of harmony. We had a clear impression of that when we browsed through the first official images of the car last February, and confirmation arrived in Milan yesterday, under the soft green lights of the old shed of the former Caproni aviation workshops, an evocative stage. Italian “first”. The 'little' race car from home across the canal.

Now it's more elegant – It was launched in 2019 and has just been updatedAston Martin Vantage Now it winks at its big sister, the DB12, with Before Perhaps less “daring”, but certainly more elegant than before, thanks to the return of the company's typical grille that fills the entire width of the bumper, on either side of which there are two air inlets for cooling the brakes. Otherwise, the bodywork remains identical, with classic GranTurismo proportions and characteristics Tail With the very thin light strip that follows the shape of the 'arc' and the four exhaust mufflers integrated well into the space Loudspeaker Aerodynamics.

More solid and stronger – Important related news engine: the 4.0 twin turbo V8 From derivation Mercedes-AMG It gained two larger turbochargers, camshafts with a more “quick” look, and a more powerful cooling system. With these and other measures power I “rose” to the height 665 hp155 more than before, and according to the company, the generous injection of dowries allows forAston Martin Vantage To “burn” 0-100 in 3.5 seconds and reach 325 km / h. But that's not all: the designers also worked on so-called “cold” mechanics, to improve their driving precision Stiffness everyone building The vehicle is in suspension zones.

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Inside there is a high-level living room -It is also inspired by the DB12 Dashboard, upholstered in luxurious leather and high-tech materials with a descending direction towards the seats making the luxurious interior more airy. But the most important innovation is in the interior ofAston Martin Vantage Another thing, related to the on-board technology: the new multimedia system, whose 10.3-inch screen (no longer placed on top, but in the center console) is derived from the old MBUX Mercedes (technical partner of the company (which owns 3.4% of its stock) but designed and developed “in-house”.Practical and all at your fingertips, ie Lots of physical buttons To manage the various services on board, they are neatly arranged on either side of the tunnel, which houses the very short 8-speed automatic gearbox lever and the wheel with the engine start button (by rotating the ring, however, you can choose between the Wet, Sport, Sport Plus and Race driving modes) .

A “gem” for very few – In short, with the update from whichAston Martin Vantage It was packed with horsepower and style, closing the 'pyramid' gap with the larger DB12 (with which it also shared some mechanicals). Excellent news, with one (and predictable) downside: the price List price increased More than 50 thousand euros. But spend approx 213.000 eurosFor those lucky enough to be able to afford a car like this, it won't be a big deal.

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