Artificial intelligence improves life, this is what science says

New technological discoveries in artificial intelligence, in our imagination, have always been interested in science fiction: set in the future with apocalyptic scenes and machines turned against humanity. They have always divided public opinion between supporters and those who are skeptical of the possible moral and social implications.

Artificial intelligence today is a tangible reality in our contemporary world. Just think of the use we make of our mobile phone by browsing the internet comfortably from our apartments and all those appliances inside our homes: refrigerators, washing machines, televisions.

Artificial intelligence and its applications to our lives and society

These new technologies are applied in many areas: to assist medicine, in social life and to improve safety conditions in the workplace.

In the health sector it can be used for research and diagnosis of neurological diseases. There are robots that work with their voice to keep the elderly company; Modern machines that perform surgical interventions with extreme accuracy and without fatigue.

The contribution of artificial intelligence to the workplace is key: some of these machines can perform dangerous jobs, abstaining from tasks that could endanger their health.

Therefore, modern man is not only the father of technology but at the same time he is the one who programmes and teaches it to become a useful tool in modern society.


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