The National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan celebrates its 70th anniversary

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan celebrates its 70th anniversary

Wednesday, February 15th National Museum of Science and Technology Milan celebrate it 70th anniversary. On this occasion, the museum located at avenue San Vittore 21 offers the public a free evening with many scheduled events. The date is set for Wednesday, February 15, from 6-11:30 p.m., with art performances, guided tours, and special activities.

The National Museum of Science and Technology, opened on February 15, 1953, was born from the idea of ​​the founder, Eng Guido Osellito provide Italy, like other large European countries, with a museum that would tell about the “transformation of the world” starting from the perspective of the unity of culture represented by Leonardo da Vinci, to whom ten rooms are dedicated.

February 15, 1953 – Opening of the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and the Leonardo exhibition on the 500th anniversary of his birth. Column hall. Seated from left: Museum founder and president J. Guido Oselli, the Honorable Ugo La Malfa and Prime Minister Alcide de Gasperi.

On the occasion of Christmas, after a complex restoration, history will be visible again red tentwhich served as a refuge for the survivors of the Italia airship’s scientific expedition North PoleCommanded by Umberto Nobile in 1928. It will be possible to board the submarine Tutti and visit the exceptionally commanding bridge of the Conte Biancamano line across the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, in deposits Naval Air WingThe public will be able to take part in guided tours to discover Museum study groups, a place for research and preservation, where thousands of objects are kept that tell the story and development of our country, from a scientific and technological point of view. In the huge building it will be possible to enjoy, under the guidance of the curator, b The Last Supper Roomthe old refectory of the Olivetan Monastery in San Vittore, one of the few remaining in Milan as evidence of the Lombard Baroque with Pietro Gilardi’s The Wedding at Cana.

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Moreover, to celebrate the anniversary of the National Museum of Science and Technology, the doors of the museum’s most exciting exhibitions will open, from the new Oltrepassare section dedicated to the railway passages to the famous Leonardo galleries in their latest new design, up to the space to admire uThe only part of the moon shown in Italy And other unusual discoveries.

The public will be able to discover some of the most important objects in the collections, including the magnetic detector by Marconi In the communications department, Stasano Steel’s first electric furnace in the industrial foundry reconstruction. Do not miss the railway pavilion with last year’s locomotives, large sailing ships and pioneering aircraft in the Aeronavale pavilion, as well as the technology mosaic exhibition area, which tells the story of the country’s infrastructure and its modernization in the second half of the 20th century.

They are also scheduled 10 interactive workshops In the museum, where boys and girls of all ages will be able to discover how much science is hidden in everyday life. Among the workshops and special activities, an unprecedented adventure is also designed for young people in the new Stem lab Viaggi per mare, where the place allows participants to experience a more realistic experience among sights, storms and rat invasions. And for those who are more fascinated by space, it will be possible to become astronauts on a space mission.

Finally, during the evening, the Museum will transform into a stage where theatrical performances, concerts and dance performances will alternate, involving different artistic realities that have collaborated in the realization of this memory: the Giuseppe Verdi Institute in Milan, the National Historical Dance and ArteMente, Mts – Musical! School.

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