Armita is in a coma in Iran and the regime fears the new Mahsa. “Threats to comrades” – News

Armita is in a coma in Iran and the regime fears the new Mahsa.  “Threats to comrades” – News

The Tehran regime is exercising pressure and threats on the teachers and classmates of sixteen-year-old Armita Giravand, who has been hospitalized since Sunday in a coma at Al-Fajr Hospital due to a head injury she sustained, according to NGOs, during an altercation. Over the veil with police manners in the subway station. This was reported by the exile media Iran Wire. According to Iranian educators, the Director of Security at the Ministry of Education went to the Armita School and warned against publishing any news or photos of the little girl on social media, “under penalty of heavy fines and immediate termination of their contracts.”

Armita is in a coma in Iran and the regime fears the new Mahsa – She was intubated, head wound covered with a large plaster, eyes closed, drip on her left arm abandoned. It is a photo of Armita Giravand, 16, in a coma after being beaten by morality police in the Tehran subway because she was not wearing the Islamic hijab. This photo, taken in the intensive care unit of Al-Fajr Hospital in the Iranian capital, was published by the Kurdish human rights organization Hengaw Human Rights, and spread on websites and social networks with the speed of the Internet: a potential fuse for war. A new wave of protests like the one that shook Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested because she did not wear the hijab according to the standards of the Ayatollahs, and died “mysteriously” after three days in a coma.

It is the same association that denounced the “serious physical assault” that Armita was subjected to after a video spread on social media showing a girl being taken out of a cart by some women wearing black chadors and placed on the ground motionless. The copy is rejected, as in the case of sensitivity, at the official level. State media – which published the edited footage, according to the NGO – reported that the young woman lost consciousness after a drop in blood pressure led to her colliding with the wall of the train car.

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video Iran, 16 years old, was beaten by morality police because she did not wear a hijab

The official Fars News Agency published an interview with the girl’s parents in which they said that she had not been attacked. The father said: “We examined all the videos and it proved to us that it was an accident.” It is a technique that the guardians of Orthodoxy have tested, but it has not prevented the circulation of news or revolutions that shook the regime in recent months. So, this time, to be more convincing, security agents – according to Hengao reports – confiscated the mobile phones of the young woman’s relatives. Not only. IranWire claimed that journalist Samira Rahi published a photo showing the deployment of police forces outside the hospital. “Two police cars are stationed at the entrance to the emergency room at Al-Fajr Hospital, and the presence of plainclothes officers is clear,” he wrote on the The journalist also reported that “security forces searched vehicles passing through the area, and in some cases, carefully examined the contents of passengers’ mobile phones.” Plainclothes officers were also present at the intensive care unit where Armita had been hospitalized since Sunday evening. Journalist Maryam Lotfy, who works for Al-Sharq newspaper, was also arrested after she was able to enter the hospital where Armita was being held. Iranian authorities targeted more than 90 journalists during the demonstrations that broke out after Mahsa’s killing. The most famous of them, Nilofer Hamidi and Elah Mohammadi, who followed the Mahsa case, are still in prison on charges of conspiring against national security. But in highly armored Iran, word gets around anyway. The fuse of revolution is already lit.

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