Are you always sleepy according to science, you are smarter than others

Are you always sleepy according to science, you are smarter than others

Discover the world’s potential intelligence measurement In 1905 thanks to a French psychologist Alfred Binet. Twelve years later Louis Termanon A professor at Stanford University, he improved his knowledge by introducing the concept of intelligence, or “intelligence quotient”. So this experiment took its name Stanford Binet IQ Test And it still allows today to study both quantitative and abstract/visual logical reasoning. In this regard, you need to know some information. For example, if you are always sleepy then you should not worry, enthusiastic psychologists say that you have a more developed intelligence than others. And if science says so…

Psychology: Attributes of the mind

Business Insider UK has done a good extrapolation eleven strokes Which, according to science, unites people with a very high IQ. smart people:

1. Fit easily
They easily change jobs, occupations and places of residence.

2. They know they don’t know
Admitting that you are not smart is a clear sign of intelligence. Leonardo, for example, said he was “a man without letters”, that is, ignorant of literature and grammar.

3. I am very curious
Intelligent people are fascinated by things that others find obvious or trivial. Like Einstein with time and space.

4. They are open minded
They welcome new ideas, opportunities, and alternatives – but at the same time choose them carefully.

5. They also love loneliness
Much more personality than the average person.

6. They have a lot of self-checking

7. It’s fun
Intelligent individuals love to laugh and have a sense of humor.

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8. They are very empathetic
So they like to get to know people and can feel what the other is feeling.

9. distant concepts can be linked clearly

10. They are killers
It’s not a matter of laziness, but they find some issues more important than daily chores, and thus fail to organize everything.

11. Questions are asked about the world, life and the universe
That’s why they have anxiety.

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