Aragonés takes a step to the side and Junqueras is ready to drive

Peter Aragones step down, Oriol Junqueras Ready to lead the new phase Marta Rovira He calls for a calm transition to think about the leadership and we will see where it goes. The left leadership has revealed its cards, and it will be necessary to see the next moves.

Executive power on the day after the election was Four hours of catharsis, Discussion, analysis and consensus to go to opposition. They say the passage alongside Aragonés was less tense than the one that followed the bad result in the general election.

On the table, the statements that Aragonés mentioned on election night, Latest results, all with a downward trend, Either with Ernest Maragall in the municipal elections, or with Gabriel Ruffian in the general elections, or with Aragonés in the parliamentary elections.

Among the reasons for attrition, the executive authority sees it Government alone, the approaches of the SWP or the changing power in the references to Carles Puigdemont.

The analysis concludes that the PSC and the Junts succeeded in bringing down the Republican government and that it is now up to them to build an alternative and for the left to go into opposition. Opposition with all its consequences Even if the blockade involves going to elections. The cap the Republicans have made clear is the responsibility of the PSC and the Junts, not them.

Aragones, on Monday, when he announced his move to the team (EFE/Quique García)

Junqueras, candidate?

Party leader Oriol Junqueras He thanked Aragones for his work through the network Saying he counted on him. Junqueras is ready to lead this stage. Various sources acknowledge this and he himself has demonstrated it at campaign events Desire to be a candidate again, As long as the pardon allows it, and if there is no way to complicate the matter.

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Junqueras and Aragonés, election night (EFE/Alberto Estévez)

However, we will see FThe extra is where the slow and quiet transition comes in To reflect on the leadership that the other leader of the party, General Secretary Marta Rovira, has brought to the table. The moves started on the left board.

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