Four days on foot alone to escape the group and return to Grandma

Trip detailsAlex Pattythe teenager who was found on Wednesday near Toulouse-de-Languedoc and who spent the last six years of his life in an alternative life community. He disappeared in September 2017 Mandarin I was 11 years old He was spending a few days on holiday in Malaga with his mother and grandfather, away from his grandmother, who had legal custody of him and lives in Manchester, UK. Then one started Bedouin life With the group that They took him to different countries. They spent no more than six months in the same city until they settled two years ago at an unspecified point in the French Pyrenees.

The first person to be surprised by Alex’s story was Fabian Oxideni, a young student who works at night as a delivery boy. He was the one I found Patty at three in the morning walking alone On a lost road with a skateboard under his arm. An abnormal situation made Fabian stop the car and ask him if he wanted to get in it.

The road where the delivery worker saw the child walking alone in the darkness of the early morning (Reuters/Stephane Mahe)

As they finished the pending deliveries, little by little, Alex continued to explain what his final years were like. “Amazing story”, it seemed to the delivery man. After work, Fabian called the police and left his cell phone with the young man so he could send a message to his grandmother.

Four days on foot

As he explained to the police, he did Four days since Alex left the community He lived with his mother, and until his death six months ago, he also lived with his grandfather. He hid in the forest during the day They took advantage of the night hours to walk, without a specific destination.

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What now prompted him to leave the group he had lived with in Spain, Morocco and France? It’s not very clear, but it made it clear that the community is thinking about changing countries again and Moving to Finland.

Revel Police Station, which handled the case of the appearance of the British minor (Reuters/Stephen Mahe)

Back with grandma

Although the teenager does not speak French, the gendarmerie were quickly able to verify his story, confirm his identity, and contact his legal guardian. Alex was reunited with her this weekend. Since Wednesday, French social services have taken over and His return to England was hastened.

In France, the police tried, in vain, to locate the young man’s mother. It is not known whether he left the country and continued his journey to Finland or is in hiding, fleeing justice.

The Manchester commissioner prosecuting the case said: “There is still work to be done to clarify the exact circumstances of his disappearance six years ago.” After the disappearance in Malaga, the British police contacted the Spanish police, who opened an investigation. But he finds no clue to Alex’s fate. He, his mother, and his grandfather disappeared without a trace.

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