Andorra is the first country in the world to pass a UN review on contributions to the fight against climate change

Andorra is the first country in the world to pass a UN review on contributions to the fight against climate change

Andorra This week, it became the first country in the world to pass the review, by a delegation from the General Secretariat United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change (UNFCCC), from the bi-annual transparency report (BTR) that the emirate presented to the international press at the end of last year. “We were the first country to submit this report and, therefore, we are also the first to pass review by the committeefor him», highlighted the Minister of State for Energy Transition, Transport and Mobility, David Forney, who pointed out that this fact makes Andorra a reference. “It is a historic moment that demonstrates Andorra’s commitment and ambition in the fight against climate change,” highlighted Pippa Lopez, review expert for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, who also explained that the review will help revise the reports that they must also submit to the rest of the countries.

The BTR is the document that collects information on government greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, their reduction targets, as well as measures and policies taken by the country to combat climate change and historical carbon dioxide emissions. This transparency mechanism, emanating from the Paris Agreement, stipulates the commitment of all signatory countries to the agreement to submit a report every two years explaining commitments and progress made in dealing with the fight against climate change. This first report must be submitted to the United Nations by the end of 2024 at the latest, and Andorra did so more than a year ago, submitting it in October 2023.

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Fournet pointed out that although the country of Andorra is responsible for emitting very few greenhouse gases as a percentage, it wants to be a benchmark in providing transparency mechanisms because “Andorra receives the impacts of climate change in the same way that Andorra does.” The rest of the countries do so, and it is a mountainous region that is more at risk.” Regarding the analysis of the document, Lopez, on behalf of the other experts as well as the Secretariat, noted that the report is “complete and transparent” and, referring to the goals that Andorra has set for itself, noted that they are “ambitious “Considering that it is a small country, its ability to reduce emissions is less.

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