Puigdemont presents a new government to the Council of the Republic with three new faces

Puigdemont presents a new government to the Council of the Republic with three new faces

President Carles Puigdemont Announcing the formation of the new government of the Republic Council. Most of the cast remains, but there are three new additions: joseph andrew, Which was a battle the black Mountain For sixteen years; david caldera, Former CUP advisor in Arenys de Mar and one of the promoters of the Arenys de Munt consultation; I Maria Antonia Font, Catalan language teacher and activist.

Puigdemont thanked the council members for their work and defended the work of the executive branch, while sarcastically saying that she did not receive her wages “even with a Rolex watch,” referring to a report by El Confidencial newspaper that said she received a watch worth seven thousand dollars. Euro from Event Initiatives Company. The rest of the government will be formed by Tony Comyn, Luis Puig, Anthony Castilla, Montserrat Corones, Aurora Madaula, Teresa Valverdo I Thanksgiving day.

President Puigdemont announced the new structure of the Council this afternoon slopes (Russians). Only yesterday, he learned that the Spanish Supreme Court would investigate him on charges of terrorism in the Democratic Tsunami case, in cooperation with the deputy of the Equity and Reconciliation Council in Parliament. Robin Wagensburg.

Reaction to the terrorism case in the Spanish Supreme Court

Puigdemont did not provide any evaluation on this matter. Yes, Comyn spoke about this on behalf of the council:“The Spanish judicial leadership has not stopped providing clear evidence that it is acting as a political player, does not respect the decision of the authorities, and is unable to commit to its job.”

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Comin also considered that several decisions taken by the Spanish Supreme Court and the Spanish Court would be grounds for conviction for evasion. “We have a judiciary with a tendency to compulsive evasion. There are many examples during these seven years of interference in the political process,” he added, adding that “the Spanish judiciary’s interference in the legislative process was very ugly, like yesterday.” He stressed that this episode adds new arguments for including terrorism in the amnesty law.

This afternoon, the first meeting of the new government was held in Repsaltes. Tomorrow, the Regional Council will be officially formed, one of the two chambers that will form the legislative sphere of the Council. The schedule will be chosen and Vice President Komen will present the government's plan. The closing will be presented by President Puigdemont, who will present the new road map to the Council in the wake of the current situation.

Who will leave the council?

There are three figures who left the council: Louis Latch, who submitted his resignation to Puigdemont in December after the president was part of the negotiations over the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez; William Carpenter, Spokesman Poble Lliure, who had hitherto been in the Council in charge of municipal institutions; I carmen garcia, Former deputy of the Spanish Congress of ICV, which until now has been the focus of the regional structures of the Council in the Catalan countries.

Puigdemont programme

Carles Puigdemont was re-elected President of the Council of the Republic on 19 February. He received 8,263 votes (92.4%), the second most voted nominations being that of Jordi Castilla with 493 votes (5.5%) and the last Luis Felipe with 66 votes (0.8%). The blank option received 119 votes (1.3%).

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During the campaign, Puigdemont championed the new phase of the council It cannot be separated from the previous stages And it must mean progress to make independence possible. He believes that the Council must analyze the situation in depth so that it can formulate proposals that will help the movement as a whole emerge from the state of strategic paralysis and internal division, and prepare the country for coronation. The independence process began with a referendum on October 1, 2017.

Comin explained, to the attention of the media, that with the first meeting of the government today and the assembly tomorrow, the restructuring of the institution will be completed. This time, the president was directly elected and he was responsible for appointing new members. “The people in the Council government, in their personal capacity, do not represent the organizations. The diverse struggle is of very great value. “The government represents ideological breadth and intersectionality,” Komen commented.

According to Comin, there is a change in the course of the independence process, but the council has the same mission: “MMaintain the 1-0 mandate and create the necessary conditions to activate it.”

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