Android Auto is changing its face this summer: the stuff you are and the split screen for everyone

Android Auto is changing its face this summer: the stuff you are and the split screen for everyone

during 2022 Annual I/O Conference, Google I finally realized the long-awaited hairstyling Android Auto Which we’ve been talking about for a few months now. known as Codename Coolwalkbased on a key point: interface capability Fit any car screen size A decisive detail in the period when manufacturers began to implement more courageous and special solutions. Coolwalk is organized in the format Three main tabs:

  • The main and largest dedicated to Maps and Navigation. There are zoom controls, quick links to popular destinations like home or work, and of course a search box.
  • The secondary is much smaller than the major but slightly larger than the third, which is intended for Multimedia. There are controls for playing music, podcasts, etc.
  • higher education isJulie‘: Shows different types of information, from the clock to traffic or weather updates, that vary according to context and time. It is especially interesting to travel times for the current destination with the ability to quickly share them with your contacts.

One added to three cards Status bar With a few quick commands (including the command to open the app drawer), battery indicator, and smartphone signal. Finally, there is a floating notification system for messages, incoming calls, etc. The peculiarity of these windows, as we have said, is that they automatically change the location and size in accordance with the size and aspect ratio of the screen on which it is played; And this will happen Even on the smallest screens, for example 5 and 6 “, for which the convenience of split screen has so far been ruled out. Putting aside, we naturally observe a spread You are a stylistic language In every part of the user interface, from the clock to the buttons.

Google just said that The new Android Auto will arrive this summer. It’s worth noting that the 7.7 beta was released a couple of days ago but it still doesn’t seem to include the redesign. Google added that there is news for it as well Android Automotive, an embedded operating system real that manufacturers can use for their head units (For example Honda): the main ones are that the official YouTube app is coming, as well as other native video streaming apps, and Cast protocol support. Below you can review the entire session.

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