Farewell Fabio Fazio, the news we didn’t want to hear. scare the fans

Farewell Fabio Fazio, the news we didn’t want to hear.  scare the fans

Fabio Fazio Farewell what’s the weather like: Fans are worried, his words leave no room for interpretation.

You can not think of what’s the weather like without thinking automatically Fabio Fazio: The historical presenter of the show is now the face of the program that accompanies after dinner thousands of Italians. He recently talked about his future and His words frightened the crowd.

The next edition of the program is about to begin After Summer Break: Episode 1 will air in a few days, on October 9. Viewers can’t wait to see Fazio again with Luciana Littizzetto and all the guests he invited for the broadcast.

Fazio is also an author, television producer and Lead what’s the weather like since 2003. In his career, he also presented at the Sanremo Festival in 1999 and 2000, and later also in 2013 and 2014, versions of which he was also the Artistic Director.

He made his first appearance when he was very young, in the eighties, in the management Those who … football From 1992 to 2001. Thanks to this program, he achieved fame and I got a lot of followers. Before this experience he was always a shoulder to another character.

Many wonder about his private life, but the host is very conservative. Fazio has been married to Gioia Celes since 1994 and with it He had two children: Michelle in 2004 and Katrina in 2009.

Fabio Fazio

Fabio Fazio has never upset the balance in his TV career, but he has recently talked about his future projects and it seems that what’s the weather like Not in his plans.

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Fabio Fazio, goodbye what’s the weather like

The couple Fazio-Littizzetto It is one of the most beloved places on television: on the one hand, there is a very calm and patient person, and on the other hand a real volcano. An almost comedic duo that accompanies Italians throughout the fall and winter.

Now for the fans of Fazio, a terrible cold bath arrived: the conductor of the orchestra spoke about his future. “Next year I will have 40 years of working on TV, but I have no desire to grow old on TV. I want to be with my kids“The future is theirs,” he said.

Fabio Fazio

The host, at this point in his career, is thinking about what he wants to do and has put his family first. 40 years working in TV is a long time, and Fazio would like to take some time out to enjoy his kids. Will he give up his beloved program? we will see.

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