Kyiv is recruiting civilian drone owners, a little big weapon against Moscow –

Kyiv is recruiting civilian drone owners, a little big weapon against Moscow –

Facebook’s appeal to small aircraft pilots: Help stop Russian forces. There is a real danger: Whoever flies the drones risks being tracked by the enemy

In peacetime, Ukrainian drone enthusiasts would fly their little planes in the sky with their paraphernalia to photograph weddings, fertilize soybean fields or just for fun. Now many of them are organizing a voluntary department that makes their drones available as a reconnaissance tool to try to stop them Russian attack
At the same time, the regular army uses much larger Turkish-made combat drones for actual warfare. A comprehensive report has been published on this topic By AP Agency signed by Matt O’Brien.

Kyiv needs you and your drone in this moment of anger!This is the appeal of the Ukrainian authorities posted on Facebook last weekend, asking citizens to donate drones as a hobby and volunteer as expert pilots to make them work. Many have joined the initiative, including some shopkeepers who donated their stock in bulk. Why do we do that? We have no other choice. He said: This is our land, our home Denis Suchchko, chief operating officer of Kyiv-based industrial drone technology company Drone Ua, speaking with Ap. Before the war, Drone Ua worked mainly in the service of farms and other productive sectors. Suchko fled his home late last week after his family had to take cover from a nearby explosion. He spoke to the Associated Press on his cell phone, climbing a tree for more coverage. We try to use everything that can help protect our country And drones are a great tool for getting real-time data said Sushko, who doesn’t have a drone with the s, but does provide experience.

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there is a problem. DJI, the leading supplier of drones for private and home use in Ukraine and all over the world, Applicable to aircraft aeroscope, which is a tracking system in the service of aviation authorities and policewhich could jeopardize the safety of the pilots if the Russians obtained the data. Taras TroyakA DJI drone dealer in Kyiv said there was no reassurance from the manufacturer on this point. Adam LisbergA DJI spokesperson clarified that the use of these devices in the war was unexpected. Meanwhile, Ukrainian drone experts said they did everything they could to teach operators how to secure their positions. There are a number of tricks that allow you to increase the level of security when using them, Sushko said.

Ukraine has a large community of drone experts and enthusiasts, Some studied at the National Aviation University or near Kyiv Polytechnic H Build local startups for drones and roboticsA public Facebook group focused on drones operated by Troiak It has more than 15,000 members who exchanged suggestions on how to help Ukrainian forces. However, Russia is also trying to counter this resistance movement. In the Russian-speaking channels of Telegram, several forums have been activated to suggest cHow to locate Ukrainian drone pilots According to independent experts, guided missile attacks by Russian forces cannot be ruled out.

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