And you, do you remember that concert in Terrassa?

And you, do you remember that concert in Terrassa?

Festa Major de Terrassa does not have a specific stage for concerts. this year We will be able to enjoy many shows during the most important weekend of the yearThey are all from different parts of the city: Rambla d’Ejara, Plaça Dido, Espaí Vapor, Valparades Park, Plaça Vila, and Plaça Nova, among others. Nerve points Regarding the musical aspect of the concert, Spaces will allow us to choose from a wide range of bands and singers.

These scenarios have been around for years, but whoever has memories and experienced the major holidays up close, They will remember other symbolic locations Those moments witnessed moments of glory, which welcomed great artists of national fame. Rosario Flores, Alejandro Sanz, Sergio d’Alma, Orquesta Mondragon, Joaquín Sabina, São, Garabi de Palo, Els Beats, Hombres Gee, Rosanna o la Orega de Van Gogh managed to go down in the history of the city with their concerts, none of which took place in venues that operate now. And you, what Festa Major do you remember?

Olympic Stadium

Many people from Terrasse will have a memory of experiencing a concert at the Olympic Stadium. Famous major artists have performed on this stage, making it possible to live a large and diverse concert experience. A legendary example of this is Isabel Pantoja’s performance in 1986.I distinctly remember seeing G Men in 1988“I was about 14 years old, and they were men of that time. It was unbelievable and I remember it with great enthusiasm,” explains concert promoter Esther Lena.

“I also remember Sergio Delma’s concert years later. An anecdote: He got into a fight with the security staff because they were disturbing the people in the front row.” He also does not forget Orquesta Mondragon’s wonderful concert: “It started raining and they had to stop the concert for a while, then they resumed it.” Comedian Paul Malafri vividly remembers a concert held at this venue: “I was about 10 years old when we went with the family to see Rosanna“It was a huge concert, I was so shocked to see so many people there.”

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Currently, Carrer de la Rasa remains one of the reference points for Festa Major. The Plaça Didó and Espai Vapor stages bring together sets of alternative genres during each night of the party. Comedian Paul Malafri He remembers seeing a Vidres A La Sang concert years ago “I was touched,” he explained during one of Goff’s nights that had a huge impact on him. This year, the group once again became part of the Festa Major line-up, and Paul was clear: “I will attend their concert again, and I will be front row without a doubt!” Historian Mingo Ferran also remembers a recent concert last year by Javier Solo and La Banda del Vicino. Nowadays, this stage represents a meeting point for all those who love rock, punk, electronic, grunge and dark genres, a unique fusion that represents his own brand.

Sports Center in Can Jufressa

A space that allowed great artists of national renown to be brought to Terrassa. An event that will certainly live in the memory of many citizens, happened in 2007: Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat started their tour “Two birds from a shot” precisely in this sports complex: “At that time it was impossible to miss this concertI was always very ‘Sapinero’, even more than ‘Serratero’,” explains historian Mingo Ferran. A concert also attended by comedian Paul Malafre which he remembers very clearly. A few months ago, the city council considered restoring this space, a proposal that did not materialize in the end.

St. Roc Gate

We could take up this entire page mentioning the artists who went through this phase, and who are now extinct. “I remember a sopa de cabra party in 1990“, explains David Traver. A curious tale: The performers stayed after the show and signed autographs. Esther Lena He attended Sau’s concert in 1991: “I was about sixteen, and they had released their album ‘Quina nit’. It wasn’t very well known yet, but it was already starting to take off.” He was also present at a Lax’n’Busto concert in 1992 and a Capdetrons performance in 1993, “I remember a lot from those years.” Not only were concerts held at the Portal de Sant Roc, but over the years it also hosted the beginning of the Great Revelation, which lasted until dawn. Since 1994 it has been a meeting point for the slogan “Youth, you can too…”, attended by various entities and groups from the city. There were hairdressing demonstrations, swing dancing and street theater performances.

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Tales of nights in Valparadis certainly abound. Musicologist Perry Portero recalls a concert at Torrent de les Bruixes: “I saw Oques Grasses when they were not yet well knownI’ve always loved them very much and it was a very festive gig.” For Mark Riera, member of the band Dr. Prats, this is also a space that brings him many unique memories: “I remember very well when we played at Torrent de les Bruixes in 2015, that was the beginnings of the band, and I remember it vividly Awesome emotion.” It is true that Vallparadís is one of the main hubs of the Festa Major parties, and well-known artists such as Ladilla Rusa, Triquell, Carla Miralda, Lildami have passed through this space, as well as other up-and-coming artists filling this space. Festa Major lineup.

New arena

To this day, Plaça Nova remains one of the focal points of Festa Major. This year, artists such as Chenoa, La Húngara or The Tyets will set foot in this space to perform their concerts, which promise to be among the busiest on the programme. Chenoa, for example, was already presented in another edition: “I went to this concert in 2004, and I still remember it“, explains musicologist Perry Portero. This scenario has been active for years. We were able to see nationally famous artists, such as Duo Dinamico or Pitingo, but also international groups such as Boney M or ABBA Revival, which shows the importance of this stage. “In 2013 I saw Dyango liveA classic romantic song that I really liked. Better yet: we could see it from the balcony of a friend’s house and thus had a great view of the stage,” says historian Mingo Ferran.

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Catalan Garden

I was very impressed by the Jarabe de Palo concert in 1998. When I saw the magic they had on stage and how much they enjoyed making music, I felt something inside me. “The next day, I bought his records and bought my first guitar at Casa Farràs,” explains Mark Riera, a member of the band Doctor Prats. A huge concert that Esther Lina also remembers: “Eight months ago, Jarabe de Palo held a concert at the Cultural Factory and almost no one went there. For Festa Major, they needed a police escort.” Lena remembers other names:For example Rosario Flores, it is impossible to beat “Duende”Mingo Ferran does not forget the concert that marked the city: “In 2001, when they performed Van Gogh’s ear“That space looked like the Palau Sant Jordi Palace, it was impressive.”

And you, do you remember that concert in Terrassa?

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