A promising drug for diabetes and obesity arrives in Spain to compete with Oz…

A promising drug for diabetes and obesity arrives in Spain to compete with Oz…

A new diabetes and obesity drug arrives in Spain, promising better results than competing products. The drug, which will be available in pharmacies from July 1, contains tirzepatide as its active principle, an ingredient that “enhances” the results by transforming it into a product. more effective Of those on the market, such as Ozempic. MonjaroThis is how the drug is called the new star of the pharmaceutical giant Laylamust be administered weekly in doses of 5, 10 and 15 mg subcutaneously, although only the first two formulations, which are the most commonly used, will reach the state.

The 5 mg treatment costs 271 euros per month

Because right now The medicine is not funded by the public systemPeople who want to undergo the treatment will have to pay 271 euros per month for a 5 mg dose. In the case of the highest dose, which is 10 mg, the figure rises to 358 euros per month. The company states that it is negotiating financing for the drug with the Spanish Ministry of Health, and that the drug will only be sold by prescription.

According to medical director L Layla In Spain, Jose Antonio Sacristan, during the first four weeks of treatment, the dose to which the patient is exposed is 2.5 mg until the body gets used to it. From then on, the amount increases to 5 mg, and only if the expected results are not achieved, the dose is increased again to 7.5 mg for another four weeks, finally moving to 10 mg, which is the maximum sold in Spain.

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Amazing results

The drug has been tested for Type 2 diabetes for Weight control In people who have a BMI higher than 27 and have at least one complication caused by excess weight, or who are obese. With regard to diabetes, More than 90% of the patients in the sample were able to control their sugar levels Their body, more than half were able to normalize it. The latter succeeded in losing an average of 12.4 kilograms, double Ozembek’s results of 6.2 kilograms. Type 2 diabetes affects one in seven adults in Spain, the second highest rate in Europe.

In case People who are overweight and obese without diabetesIn extreme cases it was possible to reduce up to 22.5% of body mass per week. In addition, 4 out of 10 patients achieved a loss of equal to or greater than 25% of their weight, numbers that can only be achieved with surgery. Obesity is a chronic disease that affects 18% of adults in Spain.

The main difference with other medications is that it stimulates two hormones

The president of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition Foundation, Javier Escalada, points out that what “defines the difference” between… Monjaro And other medications available on the market, such as Ozempic or Wegovy, the new one stimulates two hormones, not just one. from here, It helps the patient better control blood sugar levels and reduces appetite, It increases the feeling of satiety and reduces excess fat. Of course, among the side effects that people undergoing treatment are exposed to are loss of muscle mass, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

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Experts insist it is a drug designed for “sick” people. “We are not talking about losing weight sometimes to go to the show,” notes the president of the Spanish Obesity Association, Mar Malagón.

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