A hole caused by rain in the Can Jufressa pavilion

A hole caused by rain in the Can Jufressa pavilion

The heavy rains that the city witnessed on Monday led to the evacuation of more than 200 people due to the collapse of the roof of the Can Jufressa Pavilion. here they are The slot Due to rain, which can finally be seen on Tuesday. It is a cavity of important dimensions It went through the entire deck On Monday, water leaked during heavy rain from 7 p.m.

Two fences and police tape block access to the pavilion this morning / Nebrede Aroztegui

This Tuesday, arrival at the Can Jofresa Pavilion It remains closed It is expected to continue like this for a month or two. The city estimates it will take a few weeks to repair the damage. Municipal police installed security tape and two fences blocking access to the building.

Apparently, closing Drains from the roof caused water to concentrate and increase the weight, causing one of the wing's roof stabilizers to break, causing it to fall. They explained from City Hall that municipal technicians visited the facility on Tuesday to assess the damage and “determined that the structure of the equipment was not compromised and that the damage was concentrated only in part of this cover.” The administration is working on the repair over the next few weeks, and is also working with the sports organizations used to transfer the activity that was scheduled to other sports facilities in the city. The main users areHandball terrace that day Jet TerrasaIn addition to School sports games.

A collapse forces the evacuation of 300 people from a ward in Terrassa

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