March 24, 2023

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The war in Ukraine, General Domenico Rossi reveals the secret of Azovstal – Il Tempo

The Azovstal steel mills were gradually abandoned by the soldiers of the Azov Battalion. But is it really a complete abandonment? Or are none of them still in the basement of the steel mill? And on top of all this, what are steel mills hiding? What kind of workshops? This is what Domenico Rossi, General of the Army Corps, requested Friday, May 20 of the Quarto Grado program on Rete4. “We do not have clear and precise information about what is happening at the steel plant – says Rossi – even if we were assured that Azovstal was completely evacuated, I cannot rule out that part of the battalion remained inside. But one thing is certain: if there were laboratories For more than 80 days of war, if something is disappearing, it must have already disappeared….”

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The discussion then focuses on the importance of taking over the steel mill. Domenico Rossi explained that the capture of Azovstal is a symbolic act, and the final surrender, in fact, can be considered a victory. In any case, support for Putin increased after the aggression against Ukraine, Putin, like everyone else. Dictators surround themselves either with people who always say yes to them or with those who can give real advice.”

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