Most popular baby names in Tarragona in 2023

Most popular baby names in Tarragona in 2023

As usual, the Statistics Institute of Catalonia (an idea) It was published Listed With the Names Put more on children Those born last year CataloniaThe data can Consult Also for province In case of demarcation Tarragona There was a slight exchange in it I can One of the most commonly used names for girls And the children which reached the world during 2023.

In case Catalonia, Martina I January she Names Put more on children he 2023 for every SexAccording to statistics published by an idea This Wednesday Leo Deposed Mark In 2022, after a quarter-century of dominance — since records were kept, in 1997 — but last year 393 babies were named. January They have over 372 children named Leo. Bill (387), Paul (376) and Neil (374) are other popular names among boys. As for girls, Martina (405 children) regains the first place it reached five times in the last decade, the last of which was in 2016. However, 2023 It’s the first year I’ve taken the absolute initiative. Julia (390), Mia (339) whatever (327) are the other names common As a girl

Most popular baby names in Tarragona in 2023

In demarcation Tarragonaon head I can The follower Names Put more in girls We find MartinaWhich this year surpassed Julia with 55 girls who will carry this name. However, Julia (53) In second place, followed by Mia (45) then (43) I whatever (38). During 2022, after Julia, which was at the top, the most frequently repeated girls’ names were Martina, Sofia, Mia, and Maria. In the case of Sofia, it dropped to 15th place as the most popular name, while Maria came in at 21st.

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In case childrenthe Names More mode a Tarragona She was Biel (52 times), Mark (44) Leo (42) pee (41) I Marty (39). In the case of sex maleThe platform has diverse It is quite respectful of the previous year, when the most popular names were Leo, Pau, Marc, Pol and Hugo. They disappear like this. Bow I Hugo As a favorite name for Catalan mothers and fathers to give to their children: Pau a little To reach the eleventh place this year 2023 and Hugo – who occupied the podium for many years – goes down Until twenty

Find the most popular names for babies in Catalonia.

In this ListedYou can research he name to Nin I Nina What you want and check which one position Occupies in classification One of the most commonly used names for children to Catalonia at any time 2023.

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