American and Chinese spy cranes in American ports are worrying Washington. Beijing: “Only paranoia”

American and Chinese spy cranes in American ports are worrying Washington.  Beijing: “Only paranoia”

It had only been a few weeks since the tensions between them United State And China For the appearance of unknown balloons in the skies of America. Among the fears are possible espionage and reassurances Beijing Despite their scientific nature, authorities Washington But they preferred to shoot them. Now, write a file Wall Street JournalInstead, US officials’ concerns relate to the large cranes that handle the loading and unloading of containers at US ports, including military ones. about the80 percent It is manufactured in China, and the leading company is the Chinese state-owned multinational corporation zpmc. According to some national security officials pentagonalThe technology installed on it makes it a powerful Trojan horse. In fact, the large cranes installed in American ports have Programming Able to track and record the origin and destination of containers.

weapons for the allies

Thus, technology installed on cranes will be able to record data on containers and goods passing through them US portsinside or outside the country. Because they are also located in ports used by the Pentagon, US officials are concerned that Beijing is also collecting sensitive data about the movement of weapons supplies in and out of the country, to allies and support for US forces. “It’s the perfect combination of legitimate work that can hide a secret collection of intelligence,” a former senior US counterintelligence official told the newspaper. Bell Evaninaunder which crane sensors can also be used remotely to interrupt or slow down the flow of goods.

Beijing replied

The Chinese authorities, through a representative of their embassy in Washington, denied the spy cranes theory and described this concern as a “paranoid” attempt to hinder trade and economic cooperation. The official commented, “Spreading the ‘Chinese threat’ theory is irresponsible and harms the interests of the United States itself.”

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